Let’s talk Trigger Warnings. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers #BlogPost

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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk Trigger Warnings. #BookBlogger #BookBloggers #Blogger #Bloggers #BlogPost

  1. I find it odd that no one commented on this post. Is it just me? Am I not seeing the other comments? I read Drew’s post in full and I’ve been thinking about this all day. I don’t post “trigger warnings.” In fact, until very recently, I never had heard of them. I am/was a journalist and this isn’t something that is done. I don’t even believe in the warnings for graphic content for news stories. My role as a book reviewer is to write a review of the book. I give a very brief overview of the book and then my opinion of the content and writing itself. If I think that the content is remarkable, either very graphic, unusually disturbing, something I found odd, then I will note it within the review. The reader can then make their own judgement about whether or not to read the book. It isn’t my responsibility to provide parental guidance to the general population regarding what may or may not “trigger” unpleasant thoughts or emotions for them. I’m not unfeeling, trust me. I suffer from several, shall we say, interesting mental challenges. I understand “triggers.” I am, however, an adult. If I start reading something that makes me feel uncomfortable I can put that book aside, throw it in the trash, delete it from my device. No one will force me to continue to read it and ALL books come with a synopsis or overview before you borrow or buy them. We have enough to do as reviewers. This is supposed to be fun. Let’s not make it harder than it has to be.

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    1. Nope I was expecting more people to comment…lol.

      I wish everyone thought as you did, Mackey. I agree with you on what the roles of book reviewers have. I write similar reviews as you except I focus more on the content and less on the writing. I figure since I review mainly ARC’s, they will be cleaned up prior to publication. I also agree with you on parenting readers. I also have some mental challenges and you know what, I do the same thing. If something gets to me (ie trigger), I just delete the book. That rarely happens because I do have a thick skin.

      Now saying all of that, I do include trigger warnings. But, I don’t sprinkle them around like glitter. I have guidelines. The triggers cannot be mentioned in the synopsis (which has happened). And it has to be something horrific (like rape/abuse/addiction). Then I’ll mention it. I made a section at the end of my review where I give the book a rating (Adult, Older Teen, Younger Teen…etc). I will include the warning in with that….if I feel it is warranted.


  2. Thanks for sharing this post Jolie. I read the full post on the original blog and many of the comments. I have put trigger warnings in reviews, although not very often. After reading what Mackey said, I agree with her comments to a degree. I will probably continue to put if something is really graphic like a rape or abuse scene, but as you said Jolie, it is usually at the end. I will have to ponder this some more. It is not something I ever thought about before.

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