Shattered Reflections (McAllister Justice: Book 5) by Reily Garrett

Shattered Reflections: Fire and Ice were never meant to coexist (McAllister Justice Series Book 5) by [Garrett, Reily]

4 Stars


Date of publication: February 3rd, 2019

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

Series: McAllister Justice

Tender Echoes—Book 0.5

Digital Velocity—Book 1

Bound by Shadows—Book 2

Inconclusive Evidence—Book 3 (review here)

Carbon Replacements—Book 4 (review here)

Shattered Reflections—Book 5

Where you can find Shattered Reflections: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Strong-willed and stubborn, Kathryn Nugle enters a man’s profession, untested, inexperienced, and determined to solve a decades-old puzzle.

Intuition flagged her client’s deception but didn’t solve the mystery of his jacket’s crimson stain, yet blood doesn’t lie. When the victim leaves damning evidence behind, fate throws Kathryn into a cascade of events that will challenge her survival skills.
Mathew McAllister is the eldest of six siblings, all current or former detectives. Practical jokes and pranks are part and parcel of his daily life. The newest addition to the family fold is a wisecracking hacker who mangles his strained equanimity and tests his patience in Morse code, security breaches, and invasion of his cherished privacy.
When a vicious murder paints a target on one of their own, the McAllisters close ranks to ferret out the twisted intentions of a serial killer. For fans of Sandra Brown and Lee Child, Shattered Reflections is an exciting thriller with a romantic twist.

My review:

Katt is a young PI who has gotten in over her head with her current case. What was supposed to be a shut and close case turns into something more. Katt turns to Matthew McAllister after she is assaulted while on the job. As the attempts on her life get more and more brazen, Katt is also forced to face her feelings for Matthew. Will Katt get the man and the bad guy?

Matthew is the eldest of the McAllister siblings. Known for his unshockable demeanor and even temperament, Matt is content in his life. That is until he met Katt. Katt turns is comfortable, boring world upside down. When Katt is targeted by the people who are looking for his client, Matthew steps in to help her. He is also forced to accept that his feelings for Katt. Can he keep Katt safe? Will Matt finally man up and tell Katt how he feels?

I loved Katt. Any lingering doubts or concerned (from Carbon Replacements) were smashed in this book. I saw a different side to Katt than what was shown in the previous book. She was softer in this book. She was more transparent with her feelings. I did think that she was a bit immature. She kept taking off whenever her feelings got hurt. That might be the only thing that I didn’t like about her.

Matt annoyed me for a majority of the book. Before I get into why I will say that I did like him. He was a great brother and he put up with a lot from his younger siblings. Now onto why he annoyed me. He kept denying his feeling for Katt. He kept throwing up excuses about her age. Even when he was confronted by Laredo at the hospital and his brothers later on in the book, he still kept denying. I got so frustrated with him. There was a point in the book where I wanted to jump in, smack him upside the head, and say “Dude, just admit that you love her.

The main storyline in Shattered Reflections was well written. I liked that I knew who the bad guys were, well for the most part. The author did a great job at keeping the suspense level high in the book. I loved not knowing what was going to happen next. It kept me glued to the book.

The secondary storylines were excellent and added depth to the storyline. The one with Katt’s parents was heartbreaking. It explained a lot. I also thought the backstory on the bad guys were interesting. I did like the turn that Denny’s storyline took. I was not expecting it to end up that way!!

The sexual tension in this book was insane. It drove me nuts. I did like that the author used some raunchy humor to offset some of it. The Bob comments were hilarious. As was Matt’s reaction to it. I was dying laughing.

When Matt and Katt finally did have sex, it intense. What I liked is that there was only one sex scene in the entire book and that it was towards the end. So, I went the entire book with them trading sexual barbs and the occasional Bob comment. It was fantastic.

I was sad at the end of Shattered Reflections. Don’t get me wrong, the ending was perfect. The author did a fantastic job at wrapping up all the storylines. What made me sad was that it seems like this is going to be the end of the series. I hope not. But, there are no more siblings. Well, there’s Abby but I think she’s married.

I would give Shattered Reflections an Adult rating. There is sex (not graphic). There is language. There is violence. There are triggers. They would be neglect. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Shattered Reflections. I would also recommend it to family and friends.

I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read and review Shattered Reflections.

All opinions stated in this review of Shattered Reflections are mine.

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