The Secret Bloodline by SE Bloom

3.5 Stars (rounded up to 4 stars)


Date of publication: January 16th, 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

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Goodreads synopsis:

What if your destiny was beyond imagining? 
Dolma was happy with her life 
working at the Dexter Corporation from home in a telecommuting position. She didn’t have a boyfriend, and the prospects were not good in that department, but she was used to it. 
The world suddenly changed one day. 
Her boss, Jessica, demanded that she start working from the office. Her roommate started urging her to take the new position. Everybody was suddenly making demands of her that seemed to be coordinated. 
She met a man that she had dreamed of, and he told her that she was in danger. The man was Lucas, and he told her of two great houses, each wanting her to join them, and that they would try to kill her if she did not join them. 
Dolma was suddenly thrust into a world of immortals with strange powers, and she realized that her future was uncertain. Lucas assured her that she could become the most powerful of them all, but before that happened, 
she would have to leave with him. 
Together, they flee from the two bloodlines of the gods, and Lucas begins to train Dolma in how to use her dormant powers. The danger and the protective nature of Lucas, along with some unbelievably wonderful sex tells Dolma that Lucas is the man that she would love. 
Will they have the chance to be happy together, or would death come for them both?

My review:

The Secret Bloodline is about Dolma. Dolma was your ordinary girl. She telecommuted to work for the Dexter Corporation. She didn’t have a boyfriend. She did have an on again/off again sexual relationship with her roommate. She was content with her life. Until the day that her life went sideways. Her boss wants her to start working from the office. Her roommate is urging her to take the position. Then she meets Lucas, who she dreamed about. What he tells her is a story about gods, immortals, and dual bloodlines. He also tells her that she is in great danger and her only hope is to go with him. Fleeing with him, Dolma soon realizes that her power is greater than what Lucas thought. What will happen to Dolma and Lucas? Will they be happy together?

The Secret Bloodline is a short book, at 135 pages. Even though it is short, it does pack a lot of stuff in it. This is also not your typical paranormal romance. There are no vampires or shifters. Instead, the author chose to take the ancient gods of the Sumerians and make them the focal point of the book. The author added her own spin to the Annunaki, which I thought was fascinating.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of character development in the book. I wanted to know more about Lucas. I wanted to know about his background and how he came to be immortal. It was hinted at in the book but nothing else was said about it. I also thought that Dolma could have had more padding added to her backstory.

I will say that the sex scenes were out of this world hot. When you start off a chapter with the main female choking on the head of the shaft of the main male, you know it is going to be good.

The paranormal angle of the book was great. It was refreshing to read a paranormal romance that didn’t have a vamp or a shifter in it. Instead, the author had Dolma have precognitive abilities. They were outlined perfectly in the book.

The end of the book seemed a bit rushed. I was a little skeptical that the two warring bloodlines would do what they did because Lucas called them. But, hey, it worked. The author did wrap up all the storylines and left nothing open.

I would give The Secret Bloodline an Adult rating. There is explicit sex. There is language. There is violence. There are no triggers. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread The Secret Bloodline. I would also recommend this book to family and friends.

I would like to thank the author for allowing me to read and review The Secret Bloodline.

All opinions stated in this review of The Secret Bloodline are mine.

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