Throwback Thursday: December 27th, 2018

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This week’s Throwback Thursday is a science fiction/fantasy


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Our world is on the brink of destruction—from ourselves. Between corporate and government greed, peak oil, global warming, and countless other inevitable disasters, we don’t stand a chance. Enter a band of aliens, ready to teach us a better way, by force if necessary. And it is necessary: our destructive ways will not only obliterate us but all of the other worlds on the various dimensions occupying the same space as us as well, of which these aliens are apart. But they aren’t alone. With the help of Terrance, who tried a similar tactic two thousand years ago, and a couple of well-meaning, like-minded Earth humans, they may be able to bring the Earth to heel through awareness, healing, and love (preferably) or a swift butt-kicking if not. The shadow government controlling Earth has no intention of releasing their stranglehold on humanity though. Alien visitors would ruin all of their careful manipulations of the science and education fields where the public is duped into believing false information on almost every aspect of how their universe operates. As the first few humans begin interacting with the aliens, it becomes obvious that the public world’s last true scientific break-through was discovering the earth was round.

While many species wish to exterminate the human threat, the Zerans discovered that the humans had been tampered with by another race during their evolution, resulting in their inability to use their sixth sense to feel the world around them. In the Zeran’s opinion, the humans are not completely responsible for their destructive actions and should be given help to fix their world and repair their minds.

For those who refuse to live in peace, the Zerans prepared several other dimensions where they would be relocated to. These new dimensions lacked the dense elements necessary to create nuclear technology, which is the most threatening problem since the radiation caused by nuclear devices bleeds through to other dimensions.

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