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Today I’m looking at blogging slumps. When you think about blogging and end up asking yourself WTF am I doing?! Questioning, why do I even bother?! And, wondering who cares about my opinions and reads my guff anyway?!

You just want to turn and walk away from your blog, the sight, sound and thought of it are repugnant to you. Making you come over all queasy and gag at the thought of blogging. You lack any motivation to blog, enthusiasm for blogging and that little voice in the back of your head tells you to delete, delete, delete.

I think slumps are something that a lot of bloggers go through at one time or another. So, let’s look at the reasons for a blogging slump:


Life gets in the way as everything takes time. Work, marriage, a relationship, kids, a job, chores, other hobbies and boring mature adult stuff…

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