The Hookup (The Jordan Brothers: Book 1) by Erin McCarthy

3.5 Stars (rounded down to 3 stars for all outlets that need a star rating)

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept

Date of Publication: May 8th, 2018

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Series: The Jordan Brothers

The Hookup – Book 1

The Breakup – Book 2 (expected publication date: August 14th, 2018)

Where you can find The Hookup: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Is there an equation for the perfect hookup? Turns out it’s a lot more complicated than one plus one. . . .

Sophie: Numbers are my comfort zone, which explains why my sex life is a big fat zero. Then again, if I’m smart enough to earn a PhD, why can’t I calculate a way to get a guy into bed, just to see what all the fuss is about? With my prima donna sister, Bella, getting married in Maine, I figure her wedding is the perfect opportunity for my little experiment. And Cain Jordan seems hot enough—he’s certainly drunk enough—to show me what I’ve been missing. Judging by the body of evidence, it’s a lot. . . .

Cain: Being stuck in the same town as my lying SOB twin brother, Christian—who may or may not be the father of the son I’m not allowed to see—is a hell of a reason to drink myself silly after the lobster boat docks each day. Any port in a storm. . . . But Sophie’s different. She doesn’t play around. And she’s becoming a habit I don’t want to break. Because the smartest woman I’ve ever met is also the sexiest—and the only one who makes me want to change.

Don’t miss Bella and Christian’s story in The Breakup!

My review:

I went into reading The Hookup with no expectations. Which is weird because I always have some sort of expectation when going into reading a book. So keeping this in mind, I was disappointed with this book. I could not connect with either main character. I thought that the drama on both Sophie and Cain’s end was ridiculous. Because of my disconnect with both main characters, I felt that the sex blah also. Also, there is Instalove, which I can’t stand when I have a disconnect with the characters. But the book did have some good points. I liked that the author chose Maine as a backdrop. I thought that the relationship between Sophie and Bella was sweet. I also thought that Cain’s backstory, while 100% drama filled, was dark enough to make me feel awful for him.

Sophie was in Maine to help her sister with the finishing touches on her wedding. While there, she decides that she is going to lose her V-Card to a local. Cain is a local lobsterman who is an alcoholic. He is drinking away the pain of his twin brother sleeping with Cain’s then-girlfriend. Then the girlfriend gets pregnant. Sophie happens into the bar while out with her sister, meets Cain and decides that he’s the one. Both Sophie and Cain can’t keep their hands off each other. What was supposed to be one night turns into two, then three. Before they know it, they are falling in love. But there are huge obstacles in their way. Can their love overcome these obstacles?

I did like Sophie but I could not connect with her. She came across as very clinical when it came to sex and what she wanted out of her relationship. There was almost no spontaneity with her character. The most spontaneous I saw her was when she brought Cain home. I did think that her naiveness was cute. I also liked that she didn’t take any of Cain’s stuff. He needed that. She reminded me a bit of Amy on The Big Bang Theory.

I did feel awful for Cain. He was devastated when the two closest people to him betrayed him like that. Then, she has a baby and they couldn’t tell if it was his or his brother was the father. Why? Because their DNA was almost the same. So he starts to drink. And drink. And drink. Aaaannnndddd drink. My pity did run out though. His brother wanted to talk, wanted to patch things up between them and Cain refused to. He couldn’t let it go and make peace. He wanted to stay angry. Then he met Sophie and started to rethink things. At one point in their relationship, I wanted to reach through and smack him. He was a grade-A jerk to her during her sister’s bachelorette party.

While the author writes a fantastic sex scene (she does), I couldn’t get into it. I felt disconnected from both characters. Plus, Sophie’s reactions to sex was weird. She looked at it like a flipping math problem. Again, my comparison to Amy. I loved that Cain had no shame walking around Sophie’s parent’s house without pants on. That scene where he ran into Bella was awesome. It almost made me wish that Bella was hooking up with him, not Sophie.

There is Instalove with The Hookup. I get that Instalove is almost mandatory in most romance novels. I wish that it didn’t happen so much. I am burnt out on it.

I loved, loved, loved that Maine was the backdrop of this story. I lived in Lisbon for a while when my oldest daughter was 1 years old. The people were friendly and the town was small. The only reason we moved was that my SO got a better job in Rhode Island. So we left. I also liked it because Maine is almost only used in horror books. Never romance. So, it was something new. Like Cain being a lobsterman for a living. Again, something not seen in romance novels.

Sophie and Bella’s relationship was cute. Of course, the bachelorette party was the icing on the cake for those two. Seeing Bella getting sloppy drunk and calling out Cain’s ex was one of the best scenes of the book. I did an “Oh snap, oh no she didn’t” when I read that. Sophie’s defense of Bella was pretty epic too.

I can’t believe I am saying this but there was too much drama in this book. I love drama in a book. It makes the book so much better to read. But the drama that went on in this book was insane. At points, I was like “Please, tone it down. I can’t take much more“.

I thought that the end of The Hookup was very sweet. Even though I didn’t connect with the characters, my eyes filled up with tears. Of course, now I have to read about what happens between Bella and Christian in book 2. There was some serious chemistry between them.

What I liked about The Hookup:

A) Maine as a backdrop to the story. About time Maine got some romance novel love!!

B) Sophie and Bella’s relationship. Even though they are polar opposites, they still loved each other.

C) Cain’s backstory.

What I disliked about The Hookup:

A) Couldn’t connect with the main characters.

B) The drama. It was too much

C) Blah sex

I would give The Hookup an Adult rating. There is explicit sex. There is language. There is violence.  I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

There are no triggers in The Hookup.

I am on the fence about recommending The Hookup to family and friends. While I would not reread this book, I would read other books by the author.

I would like to thank Loveswept, Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review The Hookup.

All opinions stated in this review of The Hookup are mine.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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