WWW Wednesday for 4-25-2018


WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by the wonderful people at Taking on A World of Words.  The purpose of this meme is to update everyone on what I just finished reading, what I am currently reading and what I will be reading.

My past week has been interesting. This weekend, we tore down my kids’ playhouse. Why? Because there was a groundhog living underneath it…or so I thought. Once demo’d, no hole. But there still is a groundhog. Little stinker made an appearance yesterday. I told my SO that we need to do something because plants are coming up in my garden and I don’t want it eating them.  So, yes, I am waging war with a groundhog. I will win this war!!


What am I currently reading:

Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (The Muse Chronicles, #2)

I just started reading this book last night. This is a book that I have been looking forward too. I reviewed We Own the Sky, loved it and am hoping that Hurry Up We’re Dreaming is just as good.

What books have I recently finished:

Be Careful What You Joust For (Pentavia, #1)The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm (Plain Text With Ilustrations)

Be Careful What You Joust For: I can’t even begin to describe this book. It wowed me. Totally not what I expected from the title. There will be a review up at some point today and it will explain what I am talking about. So keep on the lookout!!

The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To OSM: Another book that wowed me. I had thought that it was going to be an adult fantasy with unicorns. Considering what I review, not a bad assumption. It ended up being a children’s book that I would feel very comfortable reading to my kids. And the drawings!! They were spectacular. My review should be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

What books I will be reading next:

Two Guns (Run Rabbit Run Book 2)When a Stranger Comes...: A gripping psychological thrillerRaiden Out the Storm (An Off-The-Rails Ice Era Chronicle: 2:15 a.m.)The Hidden Face (Fifth Unmasking #1)

Two Guns: I am looking forward to reading Two Guns. I had reviewed Colossus and was absolutely floored. I am hoping that Two Guns does the same.

When a Stranger Comes…: The publisher approached me to review When a Stranger Comes. I am hoping the book lives up to the hype that the blurb gives it. I am a huge Stephen King/Doon Koontz fan which is why I accepted the review.

Raiden Out the Storm: Honestly, I accepted the review request because of the cover. I didn’t realize until after that it is book 3 in a series. So, we’ll see how it is and if it can be read as a stand-alone.

The Hidden Face: I thought the blurb was very interesting. And the cover immediately caught my attention. I have been seeing nothing but good reviews for this book and I can’t wait to read it.

So that is my week in a nutshell. How is your week going?

Do you accept request because of covers? Why or why not?

How do you feel about picking up a book mid-series? Like it or not?

What about sequels? Do you always read them? Why or why not?

Until next week!!!

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I love to read. My favorite genres women's fiction, romance (including erotica), psychological thrillers, fantasy, and young adult. I also enjoy steampunk, dystopian, LGBTQIA, and paranormal. I am also a busy mom of 3 kids.

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday for 4-25-2018

    1. It made me smile too when I first saw the email. But the book is totally not like the title. Thanks!! I’ll check yours out 🙂


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