Temptation Trails Part 1 (Temptation Trails: Book 1) by B. Truly


3 Stars

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Date of publication: June 3rd, 2017

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Number of pages: 319

Series: Temptation Trials

Temptation Trials – Book 1

Temptation Trials Part II – Book 2

Where you can find Temptation Trials Part I: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

The Bachelorettes Meet Wild Things 

Part I of Temptation Trials

Will you be Tempted? Will Love save your Soul?

One nation under his reign.
Cardinal sins of man-caused humanity to pay the price. Cali Nasser grew up in a world succeeding World War III. The aftermath forced the world dictatorship that she must now live in. A new Regime arose from the ashes. They demanded obedience and cooperation from every citizen, even in matters of the heart.

One domain … One accord … One nation. In Cali’s eyes, the moral code revolves around a twisted plot for control.
It used to sicken Cali how people would allow the Regime to test their love through the Temptation Trials. That is until she met Kincade. Cali’s entire point of view changes when she falls for him. She struggles with herself, debating if she should challenge the government’s law of arranged marriage.

Cali’s childhood friend, Stefani, always kept a positive perspective about their lives until she was threatened with the same dilemma, at odds over the man she loves.

Now Cali and Stefani face a desperate choice—submit to the Regime’s will, or fight for what they value most—love. Although lust, mistaken for love, could lead to damnation. Do they give up on love or sign up for the Temptation Trials, a reality TV show where every temptation is laid before them?
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Can love save their souls?
Rated Mature 18 +
Adult, Dystopian Romance with sensuality, sexual content, and love triangles.

Trigger Warning: drug use

Van (Cold Fury Hockey: Book 9) by Sawyer Bennett


5 Stars

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept

Date of publication: November 28th, 2017

Genre: Romance, Sports

Number of pages: 224

Series: Cold Fury Hockey

Alex – Book 1

Garrett – Book 2

Zack – Book 3

Ryker – Book 4

Hawke – Book 5

Max – Book 6

Roman – Book 7

Lucas – Book 8 (review here)

Van – Book 9

Reed – Book 10 (expected publication date: February 6th, 2018)

Marek – Book 11 (expected publication date: May 22nd, 2018)

Where you can find Van: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Score one for the Carolina Cold Fury hockey team as a stone-cold badass melts for a woman who makes his blood run hot.

As one of the league’s toughest enforcers, Van Turner is ruthless on the ice. He plays hard because it’s the only way to channel the rage boiling inside, and a reputation as an A-hole is better than everyone knowing the truth. Van has spent his entire life running from a secret that’s kept him from getting involved in relationships—or accepting lucrative deals with East Coast teams. Then the Carolina Cold Fury makes him an offer he can’t refuse . . . and Van meets a woman he can’t resist.

Simone Fournier is the stubborn one in her family—and that’s saying something, considering her brothers are two of the Cold Fury’s biggest stars. Simone gets what she wants, and what she wants is Van. Still, there’s a part of him Simone can’t reach, no matter how hard she tries. In private, he’s all fire and passion. In public, he freezes her out. Van may want to push her away, but Simone won’t let him go that easily. Because this time, she’s playing for keeps.

Trigger Warning: none

An Ex for Christmas (Love Unexpectedly: Book 5) by Lauren Layne


4 Stars

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept

Date of publication: November 7th, 2017

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Number of pages: 204

Series: Love Unexpectedly

Blurred Lines – Book 1

Good Girl – Book 2

Love Story – Book 3

Walk of Shame – Book 4 (review here)

An Ex for Christmas – Book 5

Where you can find An Ex for Christmas: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

She’s making a list—and checking it twice. But is there a nice guy among all her naughty exes? The New York Times bestselling author of Blurred Lines returns with a charming friends-to-lovers rom-com.

When a psychic tells spunky, superstitious Kelly Byrne that she’s already met her true love, she becomes obsessed with the idea of tracking him down before Christmas. Kelly immediately writes up an “Ex List” and starts contacting old boyfriends to figure out which one is the one. When her college sweetheart rolls into town, Kelly convinces herself that they’re meant to be. The trouble is, sparks are flying with someone she’s never given a chance: her best friend, Mark.

Mark Blakely has watched the guys on Kelly’s list break her heart, and he’s not looking forward to watching them do it all over again. Mark’s always been there for her, but the timing’s never worked out for their relationship to be something more. Now, just as Mark is ready to move on, the sexual tension between them is suddenly off the charts. With Christmas morning around the corner, he just hopes Kelly will wake up and realize that everything she wants has been right in front of her all along.

Trigger Warning: None

Summer of the Unicorn by Kay Hooper


3.5 Stars

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group, Loveswept

Date of publication: November 7th, 2017

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Number of pages: 296

Where you can find Summer of the Unicorn: Barnes and Noble | Amazon 

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):


They were of two different worlds and during one fateful summer, those worlds would converge in a spectacular mountain valley. Siri, warrior, sorceress and siren, the gorgeous Keeper of the last herd of golden unicorns. And Hunter Morgan, myth-seeker, whose ordained quest has led him to this strange place and to Siri. She is woman incarnate, whose purity is akin to her life. He is man personified, whose needs run deep. They were born to be lovers, to come together at this time of enchantment to solve the riddle of their doom–each other’s touch–and to fight alone and together against a powerful foe whose evil menace threatened them … and their worlds.

Trigger Warning: talk of rape

Tressa’s Treasures (The King’s Jewel: Book 1) by Belinda M. Gordon


4 Stars

Publisher: Shaggy Dog Productions

Date of publication: October 2nd, 2015

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Number of pages: 408

Where you can find Tressa’s Treasures: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Her identity is secret. Her destiny is incredible.

Tressa is a fae in hiding. Unable to fulfill her transcendent role in an ancient prophecy, she hides on her grandmother’s estate in the Pocono Mountains. Tressa is content to work in her small shop and fake her humanity, but she knew she couldn’t stay hidden forever.

When she uses her powers to protect a friend, strange things begin to happen all around her. The Unseelie are nearby, the enemy of Tressa’s people, and they’re coming for her. As the dark fae come closer, Tressa must use the powers she’s hidden for so long to keep the people she loves alive.

Tressa’s Treasures is the first book in a fantasy series based on Celtic mythology with a twist. If you like engaging plots, grownup love stories, and twists and turns, then you’ll love Belinda Gordon’s unique twist on faerykind.

Buy Tressa’s Treasures to see a faery find her destiny today!

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence, Kidnapping

Reckoning (Chronicles of the Dragonoid: Book 2) by Brian Rankin


4 Stars

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc

Date of publication:

Genre: Fantasy

Number of pages: 535

Series: Chronicles of the Dragonoid

Resurrection – book 1 (review here)

Reckoning – book 2

Where you can find Reckoning: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book synopsis (from author’s website):

War has spread and nations have fallen. Only one nation remains brave enough to stand in defiance to the might of the empire. With the weight of everything falling on his shoulders, Atticus begins to fall apart and finds himself hurting those he has sworn to protect with his increasing power. Ryder once more takes charge of the Woodland army and leads them in a tide-turning battle where treachery lurks in every corner. Having done nothing more than hide and watch, Erin begins to unlock her full elemental potential. Meanwhile, Syler finds himself trapped in promises that leave him on the front line of danger. The four must travel through hostile territory, fight monsters thought only to be myths, and make the hardest sacrifice yet–a sacrifice that may be the reckoning of Valat. 

Trigger Warning: None

Titan’s Wrath by Rhett C. Bruno


4 Stars

Publisher: Aethon Books

Date of publication: December 10th, 2017

Genre: Science fiction, space

Number of pages: 400

Series: Titanborn

Titanborn – Book 1 (review here)

From Ice to Ashes – Book 2 (review here)

Titan’s Wrath – Book 3

Where you can find Titan’s Wrath: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Two men are caught on both sides of a violent, off-world rebellion in this standalone, Science Fiction epic set in Rhett C. Bruno’s bestselling Titanborn Universe.

After inciting rebellion against Earth throughout Titan’s off-world colonies, Kale Trass learns that leadership isn’t only about fighting. Keeping control of his people–even his own family–requires a different set of skills. Following a pivotal battle over Saturn, Kale travels deep into enemy territory under the guise of seeking peace, though peace is the last thing on his mind.

Malcolm Graves used to be an infamous Collector for a powerful Earther corporation–and then he nearly lost his life on Titan. Now he’s retired. But when Kale’s wake of destruction follows Malcolm to Mars and claims the life of a friend, it’s time for the ex-Collector to dust off his pulse-pistol and leap back into a fight he thought he’d left behind.

With the solar system divided, heroes are few and short-lived … but someone has to put the self-proclaimed King Trass of Titan in his place.

Trigger Warning: None

Brutal Bedtime Stories – A Supernatural Horror Story by Tobias Wade


5 Stars


Date of publication: October 30th, 2017

Genre: Horror

Number of pages: 334

Where you can find Brutal Bedtime Stories: Barnes and Noble | Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Multiple Award Winning Authors from Reddit’s 12 million subscribers/Nosleep  
WARNING: Contains mature and graphic material. Not for the faint of heart 
Spine-tingling terror from horror writers around the world. Dozens of diverse short stories containing gruesome murders, supernatural mysteries, grotesque hellscapes, and deranged psychopaths to keep you up at night. Surprise twists ensure you keep guessing until the last page.  

Trigger Warning: None (see blurb)

Terror by Eamonn Hickson


5 Stars


Date of publication: December 8th, 2017

Genre: Suspense, drama, thriller

Number of pages: 336

Where you can find Terror: Barnes and Noble | Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Have you ever felt that society consciously tries to undermine you? 

In a society where everyone strives for growth, where everyone tries to build towards the heavens, there are some who wish to bring it plummeting down. 

Terror is a thriller in which three people from different walks of life find a common enemy in the contemporary world. Yet, unlike most, they decide to do something about it. 

Milton Haynes, a military man, is forced to see a psychiatrist following a fellow soldier’s death as he waits to appeal his dishonorable discharge. Ally Winston, one year after being viciously assaulted, struggles to slot into the life her father has laid out for her, while Nestor Frings returns to Boston to find his parents have sold their home due to financial issues. 

The three initially voice their pains through non-violent means, however, they soon find their efforts futile. In a world where outsiders are considered dangerous and are not to be trusted, it will be the insiders who do the damage. Follow Milton, Ally, and Nestor as they come to, what they perceive to be, the inevitable conclusion: they must commit a terror attack.

Trigger Warning: Terrorism, Terror attack, PTSD, hate crime

Flowers with Love (The Billionaire’s Love Series: The Hamiltons: Book 1) by Mirissa Snow


4 Stars


Date of publication: May 30th, 2017

Genre: Romance

Number of pages: 277

Series: The Billionaire’s Love Series: The Hamiltons

Flowers with Love – Book 1

Where you can find Flowers with LoveAmazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Zane Hamilton was not looking for love. He was in the process of taking over his families company and that was all he was concentrating on. Little did he know, behind his back his mom was setting him up to meet the one woman who would bring him to his knees.

Piper Linland was loving her job. She owned a florist called Flowerworks and that was all she had time for at the moment. One day she would love to find love and live a long and happy life, but she had other things in front of that. Little did she know that her favorite customer and biggest supporter was setting her up behind her back.

When Zane meets Piper for the first time he was blown away. He felt something that he had never felt before and that scared him into running and hiding his feelings. 

It takes one moment of Piper getting hurt for all of his walls to come crashing down. Will Piper give him another chance to prove himself, or is it too late?

Trigger Warning: stalking

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