Titan’s Wrath by Rhett C. Bruno

Titan's Wrath

4 Stars

Publisher: Aethon Books

Date of publication: December 10th, 2017

Genre: Science fiction, space

Number of pages: 400

Series: Titanborn

Titanborn – Book 1 (review here)

From Ice to Ashes – Book 2 (review here)

Titan’s Wrath – Book 3

Where you can find Titan’s Wrath: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Two men are caught on both sides of a violent, off-world rebellion in this standalone, Science Fiction epic set in Rhett C. Bruno’s bestselling Titanborn Universe.

After inciting rebellion against Earth throughout Titan’s off-world colonies, Kale Trass learns that leadership isn’t only about fighting. Keeping control of his people–even his own family–requires a different set of skills. Following a pivotal battle over Saturn, Kale travels deep into enemy territory under the guise of seeking peace, though peace is the last thing on his mind.

Malcolm Graves used to be an infamous Collector for a powerful Earther corporation–and then he nearly lost his life on Titan. Now he’s retired. But when Kale’s wake of destruction follows Malcolm to Mars and claims the life of a friend, it’s time for the ex-Collector to dust off his pulse-pistol and leap back into a fight he thought he’d left behind.

With the solar system divided, heroes are few and short-lived … but someone has to put the self-proclaimed King Trass of Titan in his place.

Trigger Warning: None

My review:

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I have enjoyed reading the Titanborn series and was hoping that I would be able to read Titan’s Wrath. So when I had the opportunity to review Titan’s Wrath, I jumped on it. I am glad that I did because this was a great ending to this series. The twists and turns to the plotline were fantastic and kept my interest throughout the book.

The plot for Titan’s Wrath was great. The boy who was shy and reserved in From Ice to Ashes had disappeared. Instead, Kale became a hardened leader who incited a rebellion in all the off-world colonies in TitanKale heads to Mars, under the presumption of peace. Kale is using that peace to steal something from the people of Mars. Something that will give his people an edge for the final battle for Titan. But things happen along the way. Things that he didn’t see coming and things that change him for the worse. The only person that can stop him is Malcolm Graves, a powerful Collector. But Malcolm isn’t working for the Earther Corporation anyway. What he is doing it for himself. He is trying to right the wrongs he has done in the past. What happens when Kale and Malcolm collide? Who will win? Better yet, who will die?

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I was so happy to see Malcolm make a reappearance. While it was mentioned that he was severely hurt in From Ice to Ashes, nothing else was mentioned about him. So when the book switched to his perspective, I was very excited. Malcolm left a trail of devastation in his wake in the earlier book and he didn’t disappoint in this one. I liked that he wasn’t a nice guy and he knew it. But, saying that, he did try to redeem himself in the end. But the cost was great.

Kale’s progression from a shy boy to a hardened leader was a wonder to read. He was already halfway to being that leader when Titan’s Wrath began. The more the book wore on, the more he morphed into this heartless leader. The only time I saw the other Kale was when he was with Aria and his mother. Mars was a turning point in the book, for a lot of reasons. But for Kale, certain situations pushed him into being that type of leader.

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There is so much more I want to write in this review but I can’t. If I did, I would be giving away key parts of the plotline. I will say this…..I was not expecting what happened after Mars to happen. I should have expected it but it still caught me by surprise. As did the ending. Again, I was not expecting everything to happen the way it did. I was surprised by Kale’s actions.

Titan’s Wrath is a fitting end to a great series. The book is fast paced with complex characters. It also has a great plot. I would recommend this book and the series.

Will I reread: yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Language, sexual situations, and violence

I would like to thank Rhett C. Bruno for allowing me to read and review Titan’s Wrath

All opinions expressed in this review of Titan’s Wrath are mine.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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