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Where I have been??

I have been insanely busy. My 4-year-old had walking pneumonia end of September and she didn’t get better until almost the end of October. My 12-year-old got sick the 2nd week of October with double ear infections and then she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. My 10-year-old, knock on wood, hasn’t been seriously sick <knock on wood>.

I had meetings with my 12 years old’s school. She is in special ed (called exceptional children here) and I had a couple of meetings with her teachers. I am lucky that she goes to a school that cares about their kids. They have gone out of their way to help her adjust to 6th grade and to help smooth over bumps that the transition caused. Mainly with turning her homework/projects in. I wasn’t happy when I found that out and she was embarrassed.

My 4-year-old had issues adjusting to preschool. She was happy to see me go but had been refusing to listen to her teachers. She also had been refusing to eat her lunch. Considering that she was sick almost the whole month of October, I wasn’t too concerned about her eating at school. But the not listening does bother me. The only time she wasn’t listening was when they were playing outside. I told the teacher to put her right in a timeout. It took 1 time of her being in timeout 5 separate times in one day for her to start listening.

Thankfully, my 10-year-old hasn’t had any issues. Well besides talking too much…lol. He can talk your ear off.

Also, what added to my absence is…..I got a new computer. My SO is on VINE and they had a Lenovo Ideacentre 720 18L Desktop with Intel Core i7-7700, 12HV DDR4, 128GB SSD, 1 TB HDD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Windows 10 Home and 90H00006US (

So guess what I got. I was pretty stoked. This is a 100% upgrade from my old computer. Only one thing….I lost my passwords. My SO wiped my old computer and guess what I didn’t grab. So, yeah, it took me forever to get everything back.

I also have been gaming on it. Won’t lie. I play SIMS 4 and WoW. Most of Thanksgiving weekend was spent playing those. Well, when I wasn’t putting up a tree and having my older kids birthday party.

So that’s where I have been the past couple of months. Surprisingly, I am not behind in my reviews. I am actually ahead, reading-wise. I am behind, writing-wise. So, be on the lookout for new posts from me.

And if I disappear again, I am now wrapping presents. So, send a search party out. I might be buried under wrapping paper, bows and boxes….lol.

2 thoughts on “Where I have been??

    1. Me too!! I don’t blog much about my life outside of books because it is normally very boring. Just these past couple of months weren’t…lol

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