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Huntress of the Night (Gods of Olympus: Book 6) by Rita Stradling

Huntress of the Night (Gods of Olympus #6)

4 Stars


Date of publication: November 21st, 2017

Genre: Romance, Mythology

Number of pages: 150

POV: Alternating 1st person

Series: Gods of Olympus

The Taming of Hermes – Book 1

Empire of Lust – Book 2

A Message for Iris – Book 3

The Fall of War – Book 4

Poseidon’s Addiction – Book 5

Huntress of the Night – Book 6

A Fate for Zeus – Book 7 (expected publication date: January 16th, 2018)

Where you can find Huntress of the Night: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads): 

In the arid Santa Monica Mountains, between the gnarled branches of towering oak trees, lies an entrance to the realm where the virgin goddess Artemis has hidden for the last millennia. 

With only animals and her immortal handmaidens for company, she’s never quite able to conquer her boredom. That is, until the day werewolves come hunting in her woods. 

Alpha of the Los Angeles pack, Jackson Hunter, has come to the enchanted forest desperate to find a solution for a deadly problem—his packmates are being hunted and eaten by a mysterious monster that is impossible to track. Jackson is out of luck and nearly out of hope … until he accidentally challenges the immortal goddess by saying she’s not up to the task of hunting the beast. 

Tempted from her seclusion by the mortal’s challenge, Artemis goes with the alluring werewolf into a world now entirely unfamiliar to her. But the hunt is more dangerous than she could have imagined. 

And nothing is in more danger than her heart.

Trigger Warning: None

My review:

I haven’t mentioned it here, but I enjoy reading Greek mythology. When I saw that Rita Stradling had written a book that was about Artemis, my interest was sparked. I was curious to see how the author would work with this goddess. I was curious about if Artemis would continue to be a virgin or if the author would deflower her.

I thought that the plot was very good. A werewolf pack is being dismantled, starting with the submissive wolves. The more dominant wolves are being slaughtered. The Alpha of the pack, along with his Omegas, is desperate to catch who/whatever is targeting the pack. An Oracle sends the Alpha to find Artemis. Her instructions are to go as wolves into her realm and hunt an immortal deer called Fawn. That will draw Artemis out. Then they will ask for her help.

Of course, it doesn’t go exactly as planned. Artemis almost kills the Alpha and when it is discovered that he is a human, make him goes through a test. A test to determine if he would rape her. When he passes that, she agrees to go and help him find out what is attacking his pack.

I liked Artemis and I thought the author did a great job making her come to life. I loved that she was so innocent.  She went into her realm a millennium ago, so when she came out of the realm, it was a culture shock for her. A huge culture shock but she didn’t let that come between her mission.

I liked Jackson. He was willing to do whatever he needed to do to save his pack. Even if that means going after a goddess that hadn’t been seen in a millennium. He didn’t expect Artemis to put him through the test he did. I also don’t think that he wasn’t expecting his wolf to claim Artemis as his mate. He wanted to find out what was stalking his pack and why.

The sexual tension between Artemis and Jackson was insane. Right from the get-go, when they were in Artemis’s realm, it was flaming. When they got to Jackson’s, it got hotter. I was curious to see if they had sex. I was also curious to see if them having sex would affect her goddess status. The author did a great job of teasing us with the make-out scenes. You need to read the book to find out if they do bump uglies.

The end of the book was very surprising. I did not see who/what was going after Jackson’s pack. It was a shock and a neat twist in the storyline.

Huntress of the Night is a well written, hot book. This is the 6th book in a series but can be read completely as a stand-alone novel. The characters were well written and the plotline was fantastic. The make-out scenes were hot (notice I said make out not sex). I will be reading the rest of series and hope to read the next book.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Language, sex, and mild violence

I would like to thank Rita Stradling for allowing me to read and review Huntress of the Night.

All opinions stated in this review of Huntress of the Night are mine

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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