Remember When by Lindsay Detwiler

Remember When

Title: Remember When

Author: Lindsay Detwiler

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Date of publication: April 29th, 2017

Genre: Romance

Number of pages: 253

POV: 3rd person

Where you can find Remember When: Barnes and Noble | Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

A single moment can change everything… but can love help us survive?

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be…

Settled into married life, Jessica and Todd think they have so much time… until everything comes to a halt on a snowy back road. When they find themselves in a life or death situation, with rescue seeming impossible, they cling to the only hope they have left: their love for each other.

As Jessica and Todd fight for survival, their connection carries them through the biggest challenge of their lives. Memories and regrets swirl around the couple as they finally take a moment to reflect on what really matters.

There’s one big, icy question that haunts them, though: Is this where their story will end?

Trigger Warning: Near Death Experience

My review:

Remember When is one of those books that stay with you for a long while after reading it. I sat for a while after reading it, thinking about Jessica and Todd. Their love story was beautiful and sad to read. This is a story that will make you cry. It is also a story that showcases that not all relationships are perfect and it takes work to keep up one.

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Remember When has a very simple plot. Jessica and Todd are taking the back roads home from a friend’s wedding on a snowy winter night. There is a very bad accident in which the truck they are driving in ends up down a ditch and wedged between two trees. Jessica and Todd are sure that they will die before being rescued. It is there where they begin talking about how they met and the joys/sorrow that has left a mark upon their marriage.

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I connected with Jessica. I could see so much of myself in her it wasn’t even funny. We both are quirky, do I dare say nerdy (and that isn’t a bad thing) women who have overcome a lot in their lives. We both found good men who we have had super highs, rock-bottom lows and everything between. I loved her optimism when they were trapped in the truck. Most of all, her love of Todd shone through the pages.

Todd did annoy me at the beginning of the book. I thought he was a little too flip about Jessica’s driving. But after the accident, my annoyance faded. He loved Jessica unconditionally. Sure, he made mistakes but those mistakes made him human. After the accident, his first concern was for Jessica’s well-being. Not his own even though he was injured. I had tears in my eyes during those scenes because I was sure something was going to happen to him.

Remember When is a romance with a small part of mystery in it. I say mystery because you do not know what happens to them until almost the end of the book. There is no sex in this book, which I am glad about. I liked that the author chose not to include anything sexual. I also liked that she chose to show the deep emotional connection that Jessica and Todd have instead. Listen, sex is great and I like it in most books. But there are some books that don’t need it. Remember When is one of those books.

The only complaint that I have is that the ending and epilogue seemed a little rushed. Other than that, I loved the book.

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Like I mentioned above, the ending and the epilogue was a little rushed. There was a mystical angle thrown in that threw me for a loop when it was revealed. I did think that the epilogue was very sweet. Actually, a little bittersweet. If you read the book, you will understand why.

4 stars

My Summary of Remember When:

I loved Remember When. I was moved to tears many times during the book. It had an engaging plotline with characters that you will come to care for. Definitely a book that I will read again and again.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Mild violence (the car crash) and some mild language.

I would like to thank Lindsay Detwiler and Hot Tree Publishing for allowing me to read and review Remember When.

All opinions stated in this review of Remember When are mine and I was not compensated for this review

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

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