Sexy Greek God Kidnappers by Austin Kalin

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Title: Sexy Greek God Kidnappers

Author: Austin Kalin

Publisher: Inkitt

Date of publication: September 6th, 2017

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Number of pages:

POV: Alternating 1st person

Where you can find Sexy Greek God Kidnappers: Amazon


It’s the first day of summer break and I’m officially done with high school! My softball team just won the championship and it’s my two-year anniversary with Brett. Everything’s coming up Sam right? WRONG. When I found Brett cheating on me, things went from great to bad, to horrible. Of course, my bestie Kyrn ran over for a night of binging on ice cream and chick flicks. That was the plan at least…know what wasn’t in the plan? Being kidnapped by a group of guys that look like they were sculpted by the hands of God. Even less expected was when one of my captor’s growled “Mine” at me…and yes, I did say growl.

The moment I laid eyes on Sam I knew she was my mate and I would do whatever it took to have her. When your soul is linked to another, rules go out the window, and nothing or no one can keep you apart. I’ve followed her scent to her front door and there’s no turning back now – she will be mine. When Sam approaches me from the darkness I hear my pack gasp as they say in unison “She’s human.” But guess what? I don’t care. 

Trigger Warning: Kidnapping

My review:

I am going to be honest here. I got this book because of the title. Something called to me when I saw it. I needed to read it. I needed to see if the book was as snarky as the title. While it was snarky in some places, the book fell short of my expectations. Way short.

Sexy Greek God Kidnappers had a very basic plotline. Girl’s parents and her best friends parent leave for a 2-month trip. The girl then finds out that boyfriend is cheating on her. She drives past a truckful of hot guys on her way to her best friend’s house. She gets there and bam, the guys from the truck had found her and they go ahead and kidnap Sam and Kyrn. A good part of the book is Sam and Kyrn trying to escape from their inept guards and being caught by Jake and Xavier.

I wouldn’t even begin to classify Sexy Greek God Kidnappers as a romance. Everything about it shouted Stockholm Syndrome to me. I mean, Sam went from fighting to get away from Xavier to wanting to be with him all the time. It gave me a bad taste in my mouth while reading the book. The fantasy element was very well written. I loved how Xavier explained marking their mates and the werewolf culture to Sam. I also loved how alpha he could get when he needed to be.

I had a love/hate relationship with Sam. I didn’t like how she kept stringing Xavier along. I get how she felt at the beginning of the book, I would have felt the same way, I didn’t get it when they started to be together. I guess I can chalk it up to her being super immature and not ready for the responsibility of being a Luna. But, I liked how she defended people she considered friends. I mean, she broke Trey’s jaw because he used to hit Kyrn.

I didn’t get Xavier either. Kidnapping Sam was stalkerish and very creepy. Using chloroform to knock her out upped the creepiness factor. I mean, he couldn’t have gone and done the normal thing. You know, get her number and get to know her. Wine her and dine her before telling her that she was his soul mate. Same goes for Kyrn’s mate, Jake. I will admit that he did grow on me during the book. He was so sweet if a bit possessive. He also dealt with Sam’s stringing along very well. If I were him, I would have sent her packing way before that.

I don’t think that Sam and Xavier had sex in the book. Notice I said I don’t think. It wasn’t talked about. I guess they could have when he marked her. Actually, from Chloe’s explanation of marking, they had to of done the dirty. It was so vague. Other than that, sex was talked about, a lot. This is a book with horny teenagers. Of course, it is going to be talked about….lol.

I do have a huge complaint. Who leaves their 17-year-old daughters home alone with no supervision? To go take a 2-month trip?? Then acts all cool that they haven’t talked to their daughters in 2 months. I know I should be complaining about the stalking and kidnapping but I look at it like this. If the parents had been there, then it wouldn’t have happened. Also, I know that if I didn’t answer my phone for 2 freaking months, my mother would have called anyone to find out where I was.

The end of the book was rather abrupt. It ended. No leading up to the end, no wrapping of storylines…nothing. It ended. I know that there are two other books in the series and I am kind of on the fence about reading them.

2 stars

My summary of Sexy Greek God Kidnappers:

Sexy Greek God Kidnappers has the potential to be a good book. The plotline was a tad silly. The main characters either annoyed me or just confused me. Also, the two main characters were very immature. All of that made me shave points off of my review. It is good in the book, it is just hard to find. I thought that the werewolf angle was very interesting and wish that the author had gotten more into it.

Will I reread: No

Will I recommend to family and friends: No

Age range: Older teen

Why: Violence and language

I would like to thank Austin Kalin and Inkitt for allowing me to read and review Sexy Greek God Kidnappers.

All opinions expressed in this review of Sexy Greek God Kidnappers are mine and mine alone

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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