August 2017 round up

August seemed to fly by. It was a busy month for me. Between eye Dr appointments (for my older two kids), orientations (my oldest and youngest) and open houses (my middle), I didn’t keep track of the days. So I was pretty surprised when I looked at a couple of weeks ago and saw that there were only a few days left until the beginning of school. I asked myself “Where did the time go?”

Weather wise, it was hot and humid here in North Carolina. But, unlike other years, I was able to have my kids outside almost every day to burn energy.  Which is a good thing, believe me on that…lol.

Also, this August, I changed the name of my blog. I felt that my blog’s old name did not show what I was blogging about. So, hence the name change. I also made

I am looking forward to reading these books in September.

They are:

A Guide for Murdered Children (through NetGalley)

The Girl in the Tower (through NetGalley)

7th Grade Revolution (through NetGalley)

The Golden Bulls (from the author)

Now onto the books that I have read and reviewed this month.

Books I reviewed but are publishing at a later date:

The Vengeance of Mothers: Expected publication date September 12, 2017

The Best Kind of People: Expected publication date–September 19th, 2017

Poison: Expected publication date–November 21st, 2017

House of Shadows: Expected publication date–October 17, 2017

The Inherited: Expected publication date–September 13, 2017

Books I reviewed:

Billionaire for New Year’s: review here

Mated to the Werewolf King: review here

Dark Horse: review here

Counting Sheep and other Stories: review here

FountainCorp Security: review here

Environmentally Friendly: review here

Emma in the Night: review here

Dirty Deeds: review here

Hunger: review here

The List: review here

Colorless: review here

Saving Sol’kyr: review here

Tiny Gifts: review here

Holding: review here

Project Pandora: review here

Aaru: review here

Catalyst Moon: Breach: review here

A Life of Death: review here

51 Sleepless Nights: review here

Risking Her Heart: review here

Succumb: review here

Mary Poser: review here

Tightrope Walker: review here

Ready to Run: review here

Traitor in Her Arms: review here

The Other Girl: review here

Chasing a Legend: review here

Black Mark’s Resistance: review here

The Warlock’s Nemesis: review here

The Dream Keeper’s Daughter: review here

Immortality Experiment: review here

My Fair Lover: review here

Mr. Big: review here

A Love to Remember: review here

A Jot of Blood: review here

Alpha Malik: review here

Cross Check: review here

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I love to read. My favorite genres women's fiction, romance (including erotica), psychological thrillers, fantasy, and young adult. I also enjoy steampunk, dystopian, LGBTQIA, and paranormal. I am also a busy mom of 3 kids.

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