The Toilet Papers: Places To Go, While You Go by Jaimie Engle

The Toilet Papers: Places to Go, While you Go

Title: The Toilet Papers: Places To Go, While You Go

Author: Jaimie Engel

Publisher: JME Books

Date of publication: July 6th, 2017

Genre: Short stories, Fiction

Number of pages: 181

POV: 1st person and 3rd person

Where you can find The Toilet Papers: Barnes and Noble |  Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Have you ever noticed that reading a book on the toilet takes forever?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have stories suited to your specific potty needs?

From the mind of the critically acclaimed author, Jaimie Engle, comes The Toilet Papers: Places to go, while you Go. This collection of short stories ranges from 50 words to more than 50 pages, separated in categories labeled to fit your bathroom needs: NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO, and FARFROMPOOPIN. The idea is to give you, the reader, a great deal of material to read, tailored and categorized to the needs of your intestines and bladder. So go ahead, get comfortable, pull out your Squatty Potty® and enjoy some fantasy, science fiction, horror, adventure, and humor from the comfort of your own throne…the john…the latrine…your office…the bathroom, whatever you want to call it. Just be sure to wash your hands once you’re done.

My review:

Ever wanted a good book to read on the toilet? Well, you are in luck with The Toilet Papers: Places to go, while you Go because it is the perfect bathroom book. Now, I will admit, I didn’t read this book while on the toilet. My thinking was that a Kindle near water (any sorts) and my inherent clumsiness would end up being a disaster. So, I read it from the comfiness of my couch (in between bingeing with BK on Stranger Things). I can’t even begin to express how much I enjoyed this book. I was horrified during parts, laughing during other and a strange combination of the two during even other parts of the book.

The Toilet Papers: Places to go, while you Go is separated into 3 categories:

Number One

Number Two


Each section is tailored for if you are going Number One, Number Two or if you are like BK and a lot of time in the bathroom: Farfrompoopin. Each section also has stories tailored for the amount of time that you would spend in the bathroom:

Number One–Short Stories

Number Two—Longer Short Stories

Farfrompoopin–Even Longer Short Stories

There are a couple of stories that really stood out to me in each section:

Number One:

Roadside Vendor. Let’s just say that I will never look at hot dog stands/lunch trucks that same way after reading that short story. It freaked me out…lol.

Picture Window. Just plain creepy.

Number Two:

As Fate Would Have It: Again, a creepy story that stayed with me.

Black Friday: A spin on Black Friday that made me shake my head. Very creepy


The Web We Weave: I actually got into this story because I could see some drunk college girl doing this and then regretting it

The Sword of Kusanagi (from Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light): I reviewed Clifton Chase a while back for the author and this chapter of the book was one of my favorites.

This is a book that I would definitely buy as a gift and for myself, so BK could have a book to read in the bathroom.

How many stars will I give The Toilet Papers: places to go, while you Go: 4

Why: A well-written book of short stories that will keep your attention while you are using the bathroom.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Some violence, some language

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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