May 2017 round up

Where did May go? It has seemed to fly by, we have been so busy. School is coming to an end and you could tell it by the way my kids were acting….lol.

B had an exciting month this month. The first week of May, she had parent/teacher orientation for middle school. She is super nervous because almost all of her class (not the entire 5th grade, just her classroom) is going to this middle school. Everyone else is going to the other middle school. But going to orientation with her father and myself seemed to put all of her nervousness aside. Softball games were also this month. Honestly, I thought the schedule was a little harsh….3 games a week, most starting at 7 pm,  and there were a few times where there was double-header. The coach also scheduled extra practices on the weekends. So she has been pretty busy. But, with everything going on, she kept her grades up. As of her 6-week progress report, she was A/B honor roll!!

Z, however, didn’t have such an exciting month. Which is good because having one busy kid in a family with one car is enough. He slipped on his 3-week progress report and had fallen off of the A/B honor roll. But when he brought his 6-week report home, he raised his grades up to A/B honor roll. In his free time, he has spent his time outside, playing with his bestie, who lives across the street.

R has been her usual zany self. She did hurt herself pretty badly mid-May. She had run into the corner of a wall with her hip and couldn’t walk. I took her in and the Dr said that she bruised the bone in her hip. She was bed bound for one day after that and then limped for almost 2 weeks after that. She is fine now, but it scared me because I really thought she had broken or sprained her hip. Other than that incident, she has been fine.

Myself, I have been busy with reviews, my garden and cooking new recipes. I will not be blogging them, unfortunately. I just don’t have the time in my day to do that. Sorry!! I also have played WoW and Sims 4. I actually got the new game package and love it!!! I am actively trying to find my Sim a man so she can have a kid….lol. I am thinking Don Lothario but let’s see who she hits it off with. I am also going to give my Townies makeovers. Some of them are walking around in bra and undies or have no hair….lol.

June looks to be just as busy. Between EOG’s, awards ceremonies, graduation ceremonies and summer school…I hope that I find time to read!!

Now onto my review list:

Books with reviews pending:

Hard Stick – review coming June 13th, 2017

An Unnatural Vice – review coming June 6th, 2017

Take It to The Grave – review coming June 1st, 2017


Books with reviews published:

Mostly Human – 4 stars

Real Friends – 4 stars

Excalibur Rising – 4 stars

Hit Hard – 3 stars

Dragon Court – 5 stars

Catch & Release – 4 stars

Catch Me – 4 stars

Roses – 4 stars

Beyond the Dark Gate – 4 stars

Return to Lan Darr – 4 stars

Satan’s Son – 3 stars

When The God’s War – 4 stars

Alpha Kaden – 4 stars

A Cunning Heist – 4 stars

The Archbishop’s Amulet – 4 stars

Trying It All – 4 stars

Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light – 4 stars

Hot Shot – 4 stars

Yearling – 4 stars

Morning Glory – 4 stars

To Bottle Lightning – 4 stars

Tales from Ara – 3 stars

Walk of Shame – 4 stars

Sex in the Sticks – 4 stars

Royal Affair – 4 stars

Devil’s Own – 3 stars

Surrender the Dark – 4 stars

Far Turn – 4 stars

Wed to a Spy – 3 stars

A Counterfeit Heart – 4 stars

Down & Dirty – 4 stars

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I love to read. My favorite genres women's fiction, romance (including erotica), psychological thrillers, fantasy, and young adult. I also enjoy steampunk, dystopian, LGBTQIA, and paranormal. I am also a busy mom of 3 kids.

2 thoughts on “May 2017 round up

    1. Thanks!! She hurt her hip two weeks ago today. Time is flying by. B has her 5th grade moving on ceremony and bell ringing next Friday. I am in “I can’t believe she will be in middle school” mode….lol.


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