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I was tagged in this post by Kristin@A Simply Enchanted LifeI loved discovering more about her and I thought that my readers would love to know more about me!! So here goes nothing.


Name: Jolie

Nicknames: Jo, Jo-Jo (only family calls me that)

Birthday: May 7th

Star Sign: Taurus

Occupation: Stay at Home Mom

Living in: North Carolina


Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: just past my shoulders. Usually, I wear it in a bob but I let it grow out

Eye Color: Blue-Green

Best feature: My eyes or my smile

Braces: Had them when I was a teenager.

Piercings: 3 in each ear and my belly button

Tattoos: None

Right or left: Right

Most recent picture: Leaving this blank because I take awful pictures


Real Holiday: Disney when I was 6

Best friend: Her name was Amy and she lived across the street from me. We were friends from 2 to 6 and then she moved.

Award: Ummm, none…

Sport: Ice Hockey. My mother got a great deal on lessons and signed me up with my brothers

Concert: Bush with Veruca Salt opening for them


TV Shows: Bosch, The Man in The High Castle, anything on Food Network, HGTV or DIY Channel

Color: Blue

Song: One by Metallica

Restaurant: Don’t have a favorite restaurant

Shops: Amazon, Publix, Walmart

Books: The Stand (the unabridged version) by Stephen King

Shoes: Sandals, Knee length boots, and sneakers

Book Genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Thrillers, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Middle grade


Feeling: Annoyed

Single or taken: Taken. Been with BK for almost 13 years.

Eating: Nothing

Thinking about: How annoying Mickey Mouse is and why R is testing me lately

Watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Wearing: Hot pink shirt, Blue shorts and pink/white/gray socks (I know I don’t match, I’m not planning on leaving the house today)


Kids: Have 3 already (B, Z, and R) and two kitty brats (Snickers and Skittles). No more kids planned for me

Want to Travel: Sure, when the kids are grown

Do You Believe:

In Yourself: I do, most of the time.

God: Not really. My belief has been shaken a few times

Miracles: Yes

Love at first sight: No.

Ghosts: Yes

Aliens: Yes

Soul Mates: Yes

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

I’m tagging Lara from The Book Heathen, Megan from i fall in love book blog, Thrice Read and annelogan17 from i’ve read this

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