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Hit Hard: A Bad Boy Sports Romance (Athletic Affairs) by April Fire

Hit Hard: A Bad Boy Sports Romance (Athletic Affairs)

Title: Hit Hard

Author: April Fire

Publisher: Self Published

Date of publication: May 1st, 2017

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Number of pages: 175

POV: 1st person

Where you can find Hit Hard: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Rock n’ roll, underground fighting, steamy sex – get ready to get Hit Hard in the heart.

Aspiring musician Emilia tags along with her friend for a night on the town, but has no idea the adventure she’s in for. When the sweet sticky aroma of sweat, booze, and blood strike Emilia’s senses, she suddenly realizes she’s been dragged into the dangerous world of underground boxing. Desperate to leave, she’s about to make her exit when the most drop dead gorgeous man she’s ever seen steps into view and stops her in her tracks.

Darius Frost – tall, ripped like a Greek god, and sporting a chin full of sexy stubble – is slugging it out in the main fight of the night. Not only has he caught Emilia’s attention, but it looks like he’s got his eyes on her too. After a furious slug-fest Darius tracks Emilia down in the buzzing post-fight crowd, but with no intention of being just another notch on his belt, Emilia leaves Darius hanging cold.

When Emilia’s sexy brawler reappears in the most unlikely of places, their chance encounter seems more like fate. But when a casual, steamy night in the sack turns into something more, Emilia’s emotions begin to overwhelm her.

With a sudden surge in her music career, Emilia has no need, or time, for complications in her life, and she begins to question the reality of a serious relationship with a man who earns his money with his fists.

Will the chords in Emilia’s heart pull her back to her bad-boy boxer? Or will the quest to stay on a straight path to success Keep Emilia from the best lover she’s ever had?

Hit Hard is a stand-alone romance novella with no cheating and HEA. It’s guaranteed to keep you hot a cold night, so prepare yourself for a few hours of fiery fun.

My review:

Hit Hard would be the perfect beach/pool book. The plot isn’t too complicated, which means that I could leave this book to go take a dip in the pool and then start reading again and not get lost. The world needs more of these types of books. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good complicated book. But sometimes all you need is a book with a simple plot and Hit Hard is definitely one to pick up.

Emilia annoyed me….a lot. She had a good-looking man who obviously cared for her and she couldn’t get past the underground boxing. Listen, I get that she wanted a guy who didn’t fight for money. I totally get it, security and that he could get hurt. Honestly, I thought she acted more like a teenage girl than an adult. Like I said, she annoyed me.

Darius, I couldn’t get a handle on. The book really didn’t get into much about his past….except he was an IT guy (which kinda made me laugh), got laid off and was doing this for money (duh). I knew he had feelings for Emilia from the moment he started letting her sleep over. Other than that, he came across as a mystery. Which kinda stunk and was the one time I wish that there was alternating 1st person POV’s in a book. Because nothing was really revealed, other than he built and was great in bed.

Speaking of that, I couldn’t get enough of the sex scenes. They are the typical April Fire hot sex scenes. Which makes me rethink my beach/pool suggestion. Maybe just read it inside or at a pool where no nosey people would be reading over your shoulder.

The end Hit Hard was definitely an HEA. I love HEA’s and I do hope that Darius and Emilia are in other books.

How many stars will I give Hit Hard: 3

Why: While I enjoyed the story and the sex scenes, I really couldn’t get a grasp on Darius and Emilia annoyed me. Like I said above, this is one time where I wish that there were alternating POV’s because I would have been really interested in what was going on in Darius’s mind.

Will I reread: Yes (usually would be a maybe but I like the author)

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Sex and language

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

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