April 2017 wrap up

I cannot believe that April is over. It really seemed to fly by and now it’s one step closer to summer and summer vacation for B and Z.

I got the paperwork to fill out for B to go to middle school. I can’t believe that she will be in 6th grade!! One thing that I like about this school system is that you get to pick Band or Orchestra as an elective. So she picked Band (drums) but as of last night, she wants to play the bass. We have a parent orientation on Thursday and we can change what instrument she wants to play then.

Z did a project on Scotland and I am proud to say that he got an A on it. The project was graded on presentation, written report and oral report. He got an A’s across the board. I was so proud of him!!

The kids had Spring Break this month too. We took them to the North Carolina Zoo and they loved it. We walked the zoo. It took us 5 hours to get through it and we still missed exhibits….lol.

Here’s my review wrap up for this month. I am not going to include the cover of the books this month. You will need to click on the link to see the cover:

Books I read and are pending reviews:

Mary Poser: Butterflies and White Lies as Bollywood Comes to Nashville – Review coming August 21st, 2017

Books I reviewed:

Beyond the Sapphire Gate – 3 stars

The Door to Forever – 4 stars

Defy the Stars – 4 stars

Kindred Souls – 4 stars

Billionaire for Christmas – 4 stars

Beastly Lights – 4 stars

A Soul To Take – 4 stars

Strange Lands – 4 stars

Jocked Up – 4 stars

Dream Magic – 4 stars

Pillowtalk – 4 stars

Appetite for Innocence – 4 stars

New Blood – 4 stars

Forbidden Kisses – 4 stars

The Star Thief – 4 stars

The Shadow Land – 4 stars

Perfect – 4 stars

Fighting for Love – 4 stars

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones – 4 stars

Dancing in the Rain – 4 stars

Moonstroke – 4 stars

Tangled in Sin – 4 stars

Ignite – 4 stars

Valetti Crime Family – 4 stars

Ensnared – 4 stars

Burntown – 3 stars

Fly Like an Eagle – 4 stars

A Chosen War – 3 stars

The Millionaire’s Wife – 4 stars