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Valetti Crime Family: The Complete Collection of Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Willow Winters

Valetti Crime Family: The Complete Collection of Bad Boy Mafia Romances by [Winters, Willow]

Title: Valetti Crime Family: The Complete Collection of Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Author: Willow Winters

Publisher: unknown

Date of publication: April 15th, 2017

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Number of pages: 964

POV: Alternating 1st person

Series: Valetti Crime Family

Dirty Dom – Book 1

His Hostage – Book 2

Rough Touch (formerly known as Good Girl) – Book 3

Cuffed Kiss (formerly known as Bad Girl)– Book 4

Bad Boy – Book 5

Valetti Crime Family: The Complete Collection of Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Where you can find this book: Amazon|Amazon UK|Amazon AU|Amazon CA

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

AMAZON TOP 100 series available in one bundle for a LIMITED time!

Includes the following five full-length, stand-alone romance novels featuring five filthy-mouthed, possessive bad boys:
Dirty Dom 
Dominic Valetti is only interested in two things: getting paid and getting laid. 
He’s a bookie for the Valetti crime family, and he knows his sh*t. Dom’s busy doing business, no time to dabble in social niceties. The women that chase after him are only gonna get their hearts broken. 
That is until Becca stumbles into his office to pay off her ex’s debt. A hot brunette who’s just as guarded as he is and has a body made for sin… and for him. They’re not meant to be together. A woman like her shouldn’t be with a man like him. He’s mobbed up; she’s a good girl who deserves better. 
When they push their boundaries and cave to temptation, they both forget about the danger. And that’s a mistake a man like Dom can’t afford. 
His Hostage
He was supposed to take my life… Instead, he made me his.
Valetti crime family underboss Vincent Valetti is hot. Like… jaw dropping, lip biting, panty wetting kind of hot. 
Tall and muscular, with the kind of dominant, cocky attitude that makes a girl’s knees go weak. 
He commands respect and fear from the familia, and he deserves it. He’s earned it. As for women… they can have one night and the most amazing f*ck of their life, but that’s all they get.
Until Elle. 

Gorgeous, curvy, and looking for an escape, she calls to Vincent. Her innocence begs him to take her… f*ck her, ruin her for all other men. 

Worse, he wants to protect her. In Vincent’s care, Elle witnesses a terrible crime — and if she breathes a word of it, the Valettis are screwed. 
Torn between the woman he craves and loyalty to his family, Vincent is put to the test. 
He should kill her, but he can’t let that happen. He won’t. Vincent’s a man who takes what he wants. And he wants Elle all to himself. 
She was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Now she belongs to him. 
Rough Touch (formerly titled Good Girl)
I’m not a good man, but I’m damn good at what I do. I was raised to be ruthless, and as muscle for the Petrov mafia, that’s all I am.  Then she got caught in the crossfire, and when it was over, she was mine – given as a temporary gift. Once a mafia princess, now just a bargaining chip, she wasn’t a part of my plans.  She’s scared, alone, and has the most perfect, innocent baby blues that beg me to protect her.  There’s not an ounce of good in me. I don’t deserve her, but I want her. I want her sweet submission and tempting curves, at any cost.  Even if I have to kill every f*cker who stands between us.  This good girl belongs to me. 
Cuffed Kiss (formerly titled Bed Girl) 
She’s too good for me, but that’s not gonna stop me from taking her. I’m not a good man, but I’ve never claimed to be. I’m the muscle for the Valetti crime family, and I fit the part with my hard, ripped abs, broad shoulders and cocky attitude.  I’ve never wanted for anything until I met her… A woman I can never have. She’s forbidden. Just being seen together would put a target on both our backs.  I can’t help imagining those lush, sassy lips wrapped around the one part of me that doesn’t give a damn she’s off-limits.  All I wanted was a taste of her tempting, forbidden curves. One moment of hot, wild passion, and I’m f*cking addicted. Everything and everyone else be damned. I’m making her mine. 
Bad Boy
They thought I would do my job. They thought I would kill her. They thought wrong.  I’m a dangerous man. It only takes one panty-dropping, mouth-watering look to know it. You may be fooled by my good looks and charm. But my eyes give it away. I’m the hitman for the Valetti familia, and I’m f*cking good at it. They want men to talk, and I make them talk. They want men gone–bang, it’s done. It’s as simple as that. Until her. 
She’s on my list, but I f*cking want her. On her knees and submitting to my every command. I’ll give her a simple choice — die or be mine.
I’ve always wanted this. Now that I have the chance, I’m taking it. I can fulfill those fantasies I know she has. I’m going to make her beg for it.
My review:
These are the first Mafia romance books that I have ever read.
I have read everything but Mafia romance. MMA, yup. MC clubs, yup. So it was a matter of time before I read Mafia romances. All I have to say is “Wow” and I am definitely going to be reading more of these books in the future. My interest was definitely caught and held by this series.
While I liked that the boys (Dom, Vince, Kane, Tommy, and Anthony) were definitely bad boys, I also liked that they did have a softer side. It added a little something to their stories that made it sweet. I know, sweet and Mafia in the same sentence. Something that I never, ever thought I would write but it is true. These guys turned into mushballs when they found their woman.
My favorite boys, out of the 5, were Kane and Anthony. I liked them because their characters were darker than Dom, Tommy, and Vince. The way that they got together with their women were not conventional. Actually, they all weren’t but Kane and Anthony’s were really out there. Ava was part of the sex slave/human trafficking ring and Catherine was under contract to be killed by Anthony, who took her to be trained as his sub instead. Like I said, they are darker than the other stories.
The sex in these books was off the page scorching hot and the author didn’t just keep it to one or two sex scenes per story. There were many sex scenes in each book. Numerous scorching hot, makes you wish that these guys were real and single sex scenes.
I loved that there were HEA’s for every story and that each character made an appearance in the other books. Normally I don’t like that, because of past books where the characters from the other books took over the storyline. Not here and that made me happy. As did the HEA’s and the epilogues. I love to find out what happens to the other characters once their stories are over.
How many stars will I give Valetti Crime Family: The Complete Collection of Bad Boy Mafia Romances: 4
Why: I enjoyed reading this series and loved all the characters. I mean, bad boys and hot sex, how much better can it get?
Will I reread: Yes
Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes
Age range: Adult
Why: Sex, language, and violence
**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

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