The Name of Death by Joshua Robertson

The Name of Death

Title: The Name of Death

Author: Joshua Robertson

Publisher: Crimson Edge Press

Date of publication: January 2nd, 2016 (originally published December 26th, 2016 by Smashwords)

Genre: Fantasy

Number of pages: 40

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Book Synopsis (via Goodreads):

Drada Koehn is a fearless, formidable fighter ensnared in a presaged war against the northern humans. When the Speaker foretells their victory upon discovery of the name of death, she sets out to unravel the mysterious prophecy. Now, bound by duty and honor, Drada faces untold horrors with her companions, searching for what may never be found. In a story of unexpected twists, she soon finds that her resolve to see the quest done will be the fortune or doom of her people.

My review:

Since this was a very short story (4o pages), this is going to be a very short review. If I write a longer review, I would run into a conundrum of revealing something I shouldn’t. Which I don’t want to do.

The Name of Death was very well written. From the beginning, where Drada was doing the death rites for her war brother to the end, it sucked me in. But, it also left me with questions. Questions that probably will be answered when I read the novels that this short story is set in.

The characters were pretty fleshed out for being in a short story. Which is good because I have read some short stories where the characters weren’t given much detail or you had to read other books to realize who they were. Not this book and I liked it.

I am not going to discuss the end of the book because I can’t without giving anything away. Let’s just say that things aren’t too good and I was made to wonder if this short story leads into a bigger one.

How many stars will I give The Name of Death: 4

Why: I thought this was a great short fantasy. From what I understand from other reviews, there are other books in this world and I am very interested in reading them.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Early teen

Why: Violence

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

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