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Caged Light by Tom Howard


Title: Caged Light

Author: Tom Howard


Date of publication: December 18th, 2016

Genre: Thriller, Christian

Number of pages: 140

Series: No

POV: 3rd person

Where you can find this book: Amazon (paperback only)

Goodreads synopsis:

Former hitman, Wyatt Cage, turned detective, stumbles upon a mysterious woman whose only memory is her name. Their lives are quickly thrust together and soon find Wyatt’s past threatens the discovery of not only the woman but her life as well. Stopping at nothing to uncover the truth, failure would certainly bring destruction in the spiritual realm, as Wyatt’s former boss, Damon Carver, a powerful crime lord, would chase them to the ends of the earth to get his hands on the woman. However, unsealing the reality of the woman’s identity may just come at too high of a cost for Wyatt. Of the battle between good and evil, it appears the latter may just have the upper hand.

My review:

I was a little surprised when I read Caged Light. Not surprised in a bad way but surprised in a good way. I honestly wasn’t expecting the book to be what it was…..a Christian thriller with horror elements woven in. It was a first for me to read something like this and I enjoyed it very much.

I liked how the author dragged out who Michelle was until the end of the book. I was honestly very surprised when it was revealed who she was and why everyone wanted her. The red herring that the author put in did have me thinking what he wanted me to think. Which was great because once it was revealed, I was shocked.

I really liked Wyatt too. He was a former assassin for a crime boss who had a change of heart and profession. When he met Michelle, he was as a detective. I liked how the author combined Wyatt’s past and present life. It was very interesting to read about a detective with his assets. His relationship with his former boss was something that bothered me. Why would someone be that interested in a person who left him? But then I found out why and I was like “Makes sense now”.

I will say that the things happening to Michelle did creep me out. Like I couldn’t sleep afterward because I thought a little girl was going to show up out of nowhere creep me out. But once it was revealed what they were, at the end of the book, it made perfect sense. At one point in the book, though, I really did think she was losing it….lol.

The relationship between Michelle and Wyatt was cute and for a little while there, I thought it was going to turn romantic. I am glad when it didn’t, though, because it would have ruined the book in my eyes.

I liked that the Christian element wasn’t too heavy-handed in this book. I have read plenty of books where it is forced down your throat until you gag on it. Which was very nice and I was able to read the characters without having to worry about being preached to.

The storyline was pretty straightforward. Girl wakes up in craters, can’t remember anything but her name, gets chased through a forest by some seriously evil things and gets rescued by a handsome police officer. The rest of the story is her and the police officer running from some unnamed evil while trying to remember who she is. The crime lord storyline was woven beautifully into the main storyline and it was ended wonderfully, as was the storyline of Wyatt’s twin brother.

The end of the story was pretty good. There were a couple of twists in the story that I honestly didn’t see coming and they made the book. I do think that there could be a book 2 with the way the story ended and I really do hope that. I need to read more about Wyatt :).

How many stars will I give Caged Light: 4

Why: I enjoyed reading this book. It was scary enough to keep me up at night and was not preachy. The characters were well-rounded and the mystery about who Michelle was kept the book hopping.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age Range: Adult

Why: Violence

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**

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