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Book Review: Campbell’s Redemption (Highland Pride: Book 3) by Sharon Cullen


Title: Campbell’s Redemption

Author: Sharon Cullen

Publisher: Random House Publishing – Loveswept

Date of publication: November 22nd, 2016

Genre: Historical Romance

Number of pages: 256

POV: 3rd person

Series: Highland Pride

Sutherland’s Secret – Book 1

MacLean’s Passion – Book 2

Campbell’s Redemption – Book 3

Can be read out-of-order from series: Kinda sorta. The focus is on the main characters with the MC’s from the other books making brief appearances.

Where you can find this book: Amazon|Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads synopsis:

Like his ancestors, Iain Campbell, the Marquess of Kerr, swears loyalty to whichever government happens to be in power. Privately, however, he despises the British for the slaughter following the Battle of Culloden and finds himself playing a dangerous game of deception. When he defends a fellow Scot under the cloak of darkness, Iain is wounded and must put his life in the hands of a mysterious healer. The prickly, bewitching woman saves him with her touch, though she denies Iain the pleasure of a smile from her sensuous lips—which only makes him want her all the more.
Cait Campbell has no fondness for the marquess and his political machinations. Now he makes a treacherous patient since Cait is harboring Jacobite fugitives in her cellar. But with Iain confined to bed rest, Cait sees another side of the fierce warrior. How can she hate a man whose eyes sparkle in candlelight, a man whose voice stirs her soul? She soon discovers that he loves the Scottish people deeply—and, despite her painful intuitions, Cait is tempted to let Iain love her, too.

My review:

Cait Campbell is living on the border of Campbell and Sutherland land, alone. She has lived there for the past 3 years, since the death of her husband and working as the clan healer. She also is part of an underground network that moves Scottish fugitives through safe houses until safe passage to Canada can be obtained for them. She keeps the refugees in a secret room under her cottage, safe from the British and fellow Scots until another safe house is opened up. The only other person that knows about her activities is the leader of the Sutherland clan, Brice. He is the one who brings her the refugees and he is the one who takes them to the next safe house.

Cait lives apart from the clan by choice. She blames Iain, the Laird of the clan, for his death…seeing that John, her husband, was with him and saved Iain from being killed. So, she moved as far away from Iain as she could get and she ended up on the border of the Sutherland and Campbell land. She lives there, making a life for herself by being the clan healer and helping the fugitives. She also mourns the death of her husband and her 3-year-old daughter, who died the year before her husband did.

Iain comes thundering back into her life one night. She had just settled the latest group of refugees into the secret room when he comes up with his commander of the Campbell warriors, who had been shot by rievers while on patrol. Cait does her best to patch him up and orders Iain to leave her house. When he refuses, she tells him to stay in the barn.

Iain, who is still wracked with grief over John’s death, agrees. Shortly after he beds down in the barn, he was woken up by a noise from the outside. He witnesses Cait leading the refugees out of her house, to Sutherland, who then leads them into the woods.

Cait is afraid that Iain will find out about her harboring the refugees. Iain is well-known as an English supporter, much to the disgust of his fellow Scots. He is a friend of the Duke of Cumberland, or as the Scots call him, the Bloody Butcher. She assumes that since he has close ties with the English, that he would put the secret movement, along with herself and Sutherland, in jeopardy.

Adair, the man who was injured, has to stay at her cottage because he is running a fever and she wants to keep a close eye on him if he gets an infection. Which means that Iain will be there and that is the last thing that she wants. So she deals with it and with the memories of her husband and child.

Little does Cait, or actually, all of Scotland, know that Iain is a spy. He is playing a very dangerous game by pretending to befriend the English so he could learn their secrets and use them to make Scotland a better, more peaceful place to live. It is a small price to pay for what he considers the greater good.

While Iain and Adair are staying with her, the redcoats (British) show up at her cottage. She provides care for them if they want it and if they show up at her cottage….even if she doesn’t like it. This group has stopped by her cottage often because one of them, Sergeant Halloway, has a bad back and needs her poultice to help ease the pain. He is also sweet on her, which Cait knows and she isn’t encouraging it.

During dinner that night, Cait, Adair, and Iain are discussing who is stealing his cattle. They think that it is another clan, the MacGregor’s. The MacGregor’s have held a grudge against the Campbell’s for a very long time. It is during dinner that she discovers that Adair has a fever. After putting him to bed, Cait and Iain kinda have it out.

She learns about his promise to John, as John laid dying and his deep guilt over John’s death. Even after Iain telling Cait that he promised John that he would look over her, she still hates him. As they are having it out, they are interrupted by a boy who comes into Cait’s house and cries “Fire”.

It is after the fire that certain things are learned about her. She is the granddaughter of the Laird of the MacGregors and the Grahams. Her mother died giving birth to her and soon after, her father committed suicide. She was raised in both households and both households tried to get her to hate the other. Only thing, it didn’t work. If anything, it pushed her away and into the arms of her husband. When both of her grandfather’s’ found out, they both disowned her.

Cait is reunited with her grandfathers’ after 7 years. One grandfather openly regrets what happens and the other one hides his regrets. Everyone agrees that she shouldn’t be living by the forest alone but she disagrees. That is until the day she is attacked by a redcoat.

Everything after that is full of intrigue and romance.

Will Cait and Iain get past Cait’s bad feelings and fall for each other? Will she get caught harboring fugitives? Will she reconcile with her grandfathers? Will the redcoat make due on his promise of rape? Who is murdering the redcoats and will they be caught?

Want to know these answers? Read the book!!


Cait was a strong woman who has had a lot thrown at her in her lifetime. The deaths of her mother and father (before she could even meet them), her grandfather’s disowning her, her child dying, her husband dying and her lover dying. So it really didn’t surprise me when she had a small breakdown in the middle of the book. I cried with her when it happened.

Iain, however, I was on the fence with for about 60% of the book. He kept everything on the inside and it drove me absolutely crazy. But, when he finally opened up, he did with a bang. I also think that he was straddling both sides of the fence with the English/Scottish made me kinda “eh” with him. Again, though, my mind was changed once it was explained why he was doing what he was doing.

The sex scenes between Cait and Iain were hot but I had to giggle at the term “his red member”. I just had this image of a severely discolored penis….lmao. Even Cait addressed it as a red member. Made me wonder what those Highlanders were rolling around in previous to sex…haha.

The end of the book did keep me on the edge of my seat with the mystery of who was on the killing spree. It ended up being the last person that I thought it was and totally surprised me.

How many stars will I give Campbell’s Redemption: 4

Why: I really enjoyed reading this book after I got through the first couple of chapters. After that, the story totally took off for me. It wasn’t a light read by any stretch and that is what made it refreshing.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Sex and mild violence

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

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