Month in Review: December

This month seemed to go by in a blur.

My kids got their 6 week progress reports this month. I am happy to say that both kids are on the A/B honor roll. I was a little iffy with Z because his reading grade dropped 9 points between his report card and week 3 progress report. So when he raised his grade up to an 86 and I was thrilled.

We got two new additions to our family. After a long talk, we decided to adopt a kitten. Well, BK was perusing the free section of Craigslist for our area and saw that a woman was giving away 2 kittens and their mother. We had agreed on only 1 kitten….but he came home with both kittens. One is a long-haired white calico and the other one is a short-haired calico….both girls. We named them Skittles (the long-haired one) and Snickers (the short-haired one). It took Skittles a long time to get over being separated from her mother (she cried at night for a week). She hid under the bed for about a week but I am happy to say that she is a very happy, very talkative kitten. Both are very affectionate and they are very easy to handle. Which is what we want.

B played the bells in her school’s Sing A Long. She froze up and missed her cues, poor kid. But it was a cute mini concert (only 5th grade parents attended).

Christmas was great. The kids loved their gifts and actually spent some of the day outside (it was in the 50’s here). BK and I just hung out inside, after Christmas dinner, with R (she wasn’t feeling well)

BK got me a new Kindle PaperWhite….which I am having a love/hate relationship. I love it because it is so small and there is no glare (which I was getting with my tablet). But I hate it because it doesn’t support downloads from Drop Box. I spent 3 hours on Christmas Day trying to download books that I had on there. I finally read, on an Amazon discussion group, that it wasn’t supported. So I had to go and download everything as either an epub or PDF file. Which aggravated me to no end.

For New Years, I am just staying in. BK and I usually just watch the special on NBC and try to stay up to watch the ball drop (and usually don’t make it).

Anyways, here is my month in review. Tomorrow, I will try to do a year in review. Depends on how tired I am and how tired B and Z are (they have plans to stay up and watch the ball drop)

Books I read with reviews pending:

The Bear and The Nightingale – review coming January 10th 2017

The Bear and the Nightingale

The Girl Before – Review coming January 24th 2017

The Girl Before

Love, Always and Forever – review coming March 14th 2017

Love, Always and Forever (Sergeant Joe's Boys, #3)

Royal Scandal – Review coming January 24th 2017

Royal Scandal (Royals in Exile, #1)

From London with Love – Review coming February 7th 2017

From London with Love: Rebellious Brides

Deadlight Jack – Review coming January 3rd 2017

Deadlight Jack

Take Me Harder – Review coming February 7th 2017

Take Me Harder (Texas Bounty, #3)

Book I read and reviewed:

Duplicity – 5 stars

Duplicity (Julia Gooden Mystery, #2)

Throne of Novoxos – 4 Stars

Van Laven Chronicles: Throne of Novoxos

The Untold Tale – 5 Stars

The Untold Tale (The Accidental Turn, #1)

Separate Lives – 4 Stars

Separate Lives

The Forgotten Tale – 5 stars

The Forgotten Tale (The Accidental Turn, #2)

Can’t Forget – 3 stars

Can't Forget (Solum, #2)

King’s Lament – 4 star

King's Lament

Hatching the Phoenix Egg – 4 star

Hatching the Phoenix Egg (Mare Tranquillitatis #2)

Resurrection – 5 star

Resurrection: Book One of Chronicles Of The Dragonoid

The Circuit: Executor Rising – 4 star

The Circuit: Executor Rising (The Circuit, #1)

Progeny of Vale – 4 star

Progeny of Vale (The Circuit, #2)

The Circuit: Earthfall – 4 star

The Circuit: Earthfall (The Circuit, #3)

The Kings of Shanth’ur – 4 star

The Kings of Shanth'ur: By Eztian Beukes

Blood Divine – 4 star

Blood Divine

Devil’s Honor – 3 star

Devil's Honor (The Devil's Keepers #1)

A Secondhand Life – 4 stars

A Secondhand Life

The Many – 4 star review

The Many

Lost in Time – 4 star

Lost in Time (The Fine Art of Deception, #3)

House of Silence – 4 star

House of Silence

For the Children – 4 stars

For the Children (Cameron, Utah) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #886)

Sentinel – 4 stars

Sentinel (Caretaker Chronicles, #3)


4 thoughts on “Month in Review: December

    1. Thank Lara 🙂 and it is good news. I’ll put up some pictures of the kittens in another post. They are beautiful. I just wasn’t expecting two. They are terrors….lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I told BK that he should have brought their mom home too. The person we got them from didn’t take great care of them. They were infested with fleas and super skinny. I almost sent him back to get the mom because of how the kittens were. Oh and I say the same thing….lol.


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