For the Children (Cameron, Utah: Book 2) by Margaret Watson

For the Children (Cameron Cowboys Book 2) by [Watson, Margaret]

Title: For The Children

Author: Margaret Watson

Publisher: Silhouette (republished by Dragonfly Press)

Date of publication: September 1st, 1998 (republished October 7th, 2016)

Genre: Romance

Number of pages: 256

POV: 3rd person

Standalone: Yes

Series: Cameron, Utah

Rodeo Man – Book 1 (review here)

For The Children – Book 2

Cowboy with a Badge – Book 3

The Fugitive Bride – Book 4

The Marriage Protection Program – Book 5

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:


They were two innocent little girls, yet they were the only witnesses to a murder. So FBI agent Damien Kane whisked them away to the safest place he knew — a secluded cabin in Cameron, the town he’d once called home. Despite the painful memories. Despite his attraction to the children’s guardian, beautiful Abby Markham.

Abby wondered about the sorrow that shadowed her protector’s eyes. Then she discovered that Damien once had all he guarded now — a family, a home. Something she longed to give him, if only she could tell him that, soon, he would be a father again…

My review:

Abby is not a stranger to watching her sister’s twin daughters when she went on business trips. But something was different this time. Her nieces were suffering from nightmares, were clingy and had personality changes. But what is concerning Abby even more, she cannot get a hold of her sister….who is on a business trip to Mexico.

Everything changes when Abby hears some strange noises in her basement while she is watching a movie with her nieces. Terrified, she leaves with them to go eat ice cream and calls the police to her house. She is scared because she noticed a person sitting in a car outside her house, watching her, the day before. She doesn’t know what is going on but she has a feeling that her sister and nieces are somehow involved in it.

Her questions are answered when an FBI agent shows up at the ice cream parlor to escort her house. The agent, Damien Kane, believes that her nieces saw a murder at her sister’s job (she worked at a construction site), that her sister found out and was able to get her daughters’ to Abby before being whisked off for a “business” trip out of the country.

Damien is there to protect the girls until they are ready to tell him what they saw that day. So, after a disastrous trip to the FBI psychologist, Damien decides to take Abby and the girls to Cameron, Utah. He figures that there is no safer place than there. Well, it doesn’t end up that way. The killers somehow follow them there and from that point on, it is a game of cat and mouse.

Damien was such a tortured person for most of the book. The author did a great job of not telling everything about what made him so tortured. All I knew, until almost the end, was that he tragically lost a child 3 years before. But, when the full story was revealed, I cried. Legit cried. No wonder he shut himself off and no wonder that Maggie and Casey affected him so much.

Abby irked me for some reason. While she came across as one of those people who took in strays, people and animal, she didn’t act like it at times. I understand she was scared for her nieces but she kinda hindered the investigation when she put off letting the psychologist talk to them. And when he did and made the girls cry, she swooped in and put an end to it. But, I can understand where she was coming from. She just found out that they might have seen a murder and she can’t get in touch with her sister. She was scared to death.

The romance between Damien and Abby was bittersweet. Damien was so caught up in the past and in his grief, that he couldn’t give Abby anything but sex. Abby, however, started off the same way but quickly fell in love with him.

The sex scenes between them were great. The only thing that I got weirded out about was when he was feeling her up when they took the girls swimming. That made me go kinda “Eh” when I read it. But the other sex scenes were fantastic and they were very hot.

The ending was standard but pretty good. I did like that Damien had to go looking for Abby and the surprise that she had waiting for him and his reaction got me teary-eyed. As did the reason she didn’t contact him. The other storylines were wrapped up in a pretty satisfactory way.

While this is a book 2 in the Cameron, Utah series, you can read it as a standalone. There are mentions to book 1 but, and I liked this, this book was taking place at the same time as the events in Rodeo Man. So you know something is going on there (if you haven’t read that book) but the focus is on the events going on in this book. If that makes sense….lol.

How many stars will I give For the Children: 4

Why: I loved the storyline, the romance, and the sex. Abby kinda irked me but she grew on me and I loved her spunkiness. I do wish that she could have been more open with Damien about certain situations but given his history, I can understand why she didn’t say anything.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Sex and some mild violence

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**