Resurrection (The Chronicles Of The Dragonoid: Book 1) by Brian Rankin

Resurrection: Book One of Chronicles Of The Dragonoid by [Rankin, Brian]

5 Stars

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

Date of Publication: December 7th, 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Chronicles Of The Dragonoid

Resurrection – Book 1

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Book synopsis:

Since the sacrifice of their greatest hero centuries ago, Valat’s four nations have been at peace. Atticus and his friends worked hard to prepare to compete in the annual games that commemorated their ancient hero’s sacrifice. Their victories are soon forgotten when the games come under attack by the same ancient force that they fought so long ago. Atticus, his friends Ryder and Erin, and newcomer Syler are the only survivors of the brutal attack. They embark on a perilous journey to the Firelands to warn the Lords and raise their armies before it is too late. When Atticus is wounded from a weapon they had never seen before, true friendship is tested and Atticus must discover who he really is and find the key to resurrection before all is lost. Enter a world where elements can be controlled in the palm of your hand, where myths and legends become reality, and where good and evil control the fate of the entire world.

My review:

This book was a well-written fantasy. The world and character building were impressive. The author explains the history of Valat. He explains about the Elementalists who wield the powers of Water, Ice, and Fire. He explains how the nations of Fireland, Woodland, Wetlands, and Icelands were formed. He explains how the infighting decimated the nations until it was decreed that a tournament will be held and the best Elementalists of each land will be the Lords. He explains how that tournament brought about peace and unity and stopped the infighting. Then the Selsians, an empire from the East and who hated magic of any form, invaded Valat and started purging that country of the Elementalists. The Lords started fighting between themselves, leaving the people to be slaughtered. After the fighting stopped, they withdrew into the mountains to rebuild and plan on how to overcome the Selsians.

The war waged on for 3 years and hope was dwindling. Then, a miracle happened. An Elementalist with a power that was vast. He took over leading the people and he alone defeated the Selsian empire, bringing them to their knees and destroying them.

His name? Alcadias and he wielded a sword called Llachar. After the war entered he was given the title of Dragonoid. He eventually married, had a child and moved to a hidden village deep within Valat. His wife’s name was unknown but they had a child. Alcadias also did have an older child, who was called Aris.

His power became a burden and soon he began to fear and hate it. He, somehow, poured his power into the sword, separate it and sent it to 3 locations in Valat that were only known to him. After that, Aris and Alcadias disappeared into a golden light.

It ends up that the story is being read to a young boy called Atticus by his unnamed father. There is a lot of foreshadowing during young Atticus’s conversation with his father.

I love books that have so much backstory. It makes it so much more interesting to read when you know what comes before!!

The story starts 18 years later. Atticus is maybe 20 (I couldn’t exactly place his age) and he is in training to compete in the annual tournament. He is a Master Elementalist and a renowned swordsman. He is summoned to meet with his father, the Lord of the Firelands, Cedric. They discuss the tournament and Atticus takes his leave after an argument involving Lord Cedric’s desire for Atticus to marry. Of course, Atticus is like “No way” (as any normal 20-year-old would be) and it causes them to quarrel. On the way out, Atticus is met by his father’s best friend and advisor, Bacchus, who gives him a cryptic warning. That night, Atticus has a nightmare that seems almost prophetic.

The next day, he meets up with his best friend, Ryder and they head towards Champion Island, where the Tournament is held. The journey there is unremarkable but once they get there, someone seems to have it out for Atticus. He is roomed and then paired in battle with two Icelandic warriors. One he defeated and the other one he was in a battle with when the unthinkable happens, the Selsians attack.

The only ones who survive the massacre at Champion Island are Ryder, Atticus, Lady Erin and Sylor, the Icelandic warrior that Atticus was fighting when the Selsians attacked. Atticus is critically injured during that attack.

I enjoyed reading this book. It had everything. Intrigue, a possible romance (or two), tons of action and of course, fantasy. It is a long book, almost 600 pages, but it definitely doesn’t feel like you are reading a 600-page book.

Atticus and Ryder were definitely my favorite characters in the book. Atticus because he had such strong moral codes and it seemed like he could see beneath people (I am thinking of Sylor) and Ryder because he is so loyal. Plus, they are pretty awesome fighters too.

Erin, I didn’t care for. She absolutely rubbed me the wrong way from the time she was introduced to when she and Atticus were in the cave. After that, I started to develop some respect for her but we’ll see how she is in the second book.

Sylor was a mystery. His hatred of Atticus was unreal but Ryder put him in his place. When he finally did reveal some of his background, it was tragic and I got tears in my eyes reading it.

The end of the book was great and it is totally left open for a book 2.

I would give Resurrection an Older Teen rating. There are no sexual situations. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 16 read this book.

I would reread Resurrection. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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