Can’t Forget (Solum: Book 2) by Colleen S. Myers

Can't Forget: If she can't forget her past, she won't have a future. (Solum Series Book 2) by [Myers, Colleen S.]

Title: Can’t Forget

Author: Colleen S. Myers

Publisher: Champagne Books

Date of publication: June 6th, 2016

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Number of pages: 254

POV: 1st person

Series: Solum

Must Remember – Book 1

Can’t Forget – Book 2

Standalone – No

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Is it better to be safe or loved?

Four months have passed since the E’mani destroyed the Earth and scooped up the remains. Elizabeth “Beta” Camden was one of those taken. With the help of their enemies, the Fost, she escapes and confronts her prior captors successfully. Though she knows she should remain vigilant toward the E’mani, she follows her heart instead and falls in love with Marin, the sexy Fost warrior.

She should have trusted her first instinct.

This time the E’mani don’t come in force–they slip in silently. And any hope Beta had of a peaceful life is lost. She leaves in the dead of night to find the E’mani stronghold and end them once and for all. But love is a tricky bitch. It takes a threat to Marin’s safety to make Beta realize, if she can’t forget her past, she won’t have a future.

My review:

I have been spoiled lately. Up until this book, all of the books that I have gotten that have been second books in a series and I haven’t read the first book have been standalone. I could read those books and not have to worry about the back story. Then I read this book and broke my streak….lol.

From what I can gather (I haven’t read book 1) Elizabeth Camden (aka Beata) was involved in an attack against the E’mani…who are creepy pale aliens. Her allies are the Fost, long-time enemies of the E’mani and who have magical abilities (I guess, from what I have read). During this skirmish, quite a few friends and one enemy were killed. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this book starts a few weeks after that attack.

I could not connect with Beata and actually disliked her during a good part of the book. She came across, to me, as abrasive and insecure. She had this hot guy who wanted to do the equivalent of marrying her and she hid the freaking bracelets and wouldn’t tell him where they were when he asked. So let’s add childish to that list too. My feelings did change towards her but I had to struggle to not to let them slide back into the dislike category.

Now, saying that, I did feel bad for her during her flashbacks. Back to when she was with the E’mani. I actually shuddered when reading those scenes…they were that bad. I wouldn’t wish what she went through on my worse enemy.

I think the middle of the book is when I started changing my feelings towards Beata. To suffer such a tragedy was unthinkable and I cried with her. But to go off and not tell her husband….not the best decision she made. Then all of the assumptions that she was making when Marin and the other Fost woman were immature. Even I, as a reader, could see that nothing was happening with Marin. I really wanted to reach through the book, slap her and say “Stop being silly before you lose him for good.”

The end of the book was fantastic, with a ton of action and one heck of an ending.

How many stars will I give Can’t Forget: 3

Why: I just couldn’t get into the book, couldn’t get involved in Beata and Marin’s romance. Also, if you don’t read the first book (which I didn’t), you are missing key things about everyone in this book. I don’t like feeling confused when I read and I definitely felt that way when reading this book.

Will I reread: Yes, once I read the first book.

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes but with a suggestion that they read book 1 first.

Age range: Adult

Why: Sex, violence, and language.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**


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