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Book Review: Separate Lives by Kathryn Flett

Book synopsis:

Your partner of ten years, and the father of your children, receives a text. You happen to see it: Start living a different kind of life . . . P 🙂 xxx.

You don’t know anyone with the initial P, so what’s with the smiley face and the kisses? Narrated by Susie, her partner Alex and the mysterious “P”,Separate Lives is an achingly funny, moving and honest portrayal of marriage and adultery. These characters are never less than totally human. You’ll have met people like them. They might even be you.

My review:

This book is a tear jerker, for sure and it is painful to read such a raw rendition of a relationship that is on its way out. Told from Susie point of view, from letter’s that P writes to her mother and through text messages/emails sent by Alex….it is heartbreaking.

I loved that it was so raw and that nothing was faked. There were a few super funny scenes (the ones where Susie walks in on Phil and Harriette is hilarious) and some that are heartbreaking (the chapter when Susie realizes that it is over and is trying to co exist with Alex really pulled at my heart strings).

The ending was a HUGE surprise, even though I did somewhat call it in the middle of the book.

How many stars will I give Separate Lives by Kathryn Flett? 4

Why? While the story was great, I could see some people being put off by the way the book was written. I didn’t have an issue with it but I could see people having issues with it. Also, while I get English humor and English slang, some people might not.

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Will I reread it? Yes

Age range? Adult

Why? Because there are several sex scenes (not descriptive) and alot of swearing (not that I would in that situation)

Where can I find Separate Lives?

Please remember that prices on ALL sites listed can and will change


Kindle (on pre-order until July 5th)




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