November Wrap Up

November was a kinda good month for us. The temperatures, which I was told is very unusual, reached into the low 80’s most days. My kids were thrilled that they could wear t-shirts this late in the year and enjoyed playing outside after school in the warm weather. This month was also the month for report cards (B and Z were on A/B honor roll) and progress reports (so far, good grades for both kids…except Z has to bring his English up….his grade fell from an 89 to an 80). With good progress reports for both kids, we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving and we all stuffed ourselves silly. We also celebrated B’s 11th and Z’s 9th birthdays.  The end of the month, though, wasn’t as wonderful as the rest of the month. B got sick and she had an awful barking cough. After a misdiagnosis by the NP at the Minute Clinic near us and wrong medications prescribed to her (and yes, I have made a complaint with Minute Clinic)…her pediatrician diagnosed her with bronchitis.

So here’s to hoping that December is a much better month, healthwise!!

Books I reviewed but reviews aren’t published yet:

Guess I didn’t have any of those this month….lol.

Books I have reviewed:

Tamzin Clarke V The Mummy—4 stars

Tamzin Clarke v the Mummy (Tamzin Clarke, #2)

November Fox—5 stars

November Fox - Book 1. Following Joy: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable

Creed—3 stars

Creed (Fallen Angel's MC, #1)

Necrobloods—5 stars


I Was A Bitch—4 stars

I Was A Bitch

Lost Coast Rocket—4 stars

Lost Coast Rocket (Mare Tranquillitatis #1)

From Ice to Ashes—4 stars

From Ice to Ashes

Whatever You Call Me—4 star

Whatever You Call Me

Hard Call—5 stars

No Image

Paladine—4 stars


Another Chance—3 stars

Another Chance (Austin Heroes #3)

SkyWhisperers—4 stars


Esper Files—4 stars

Esper Files

A Night of Forever—4 stars

A Night of Forever (The Disgraced Lords, #6)

Livia Lone—5 stars

Livia Lone (Livia Lone #1)

Rodeo Man—4 stars

Rodeo Man (Cameron Cowboys Book 1)

Necessary Evil—3 stars

Necessary Evil (Sentinels of Babylon, #1)

Juliana—5 stars

Juliana: Volume 1: 1941-1944

A Coronation of Kings—4 stars

A Coronation of Kings

Poinciana Road—1 star

Poinciana Road

Race Against the Dark—4 stars

Race Against the Dark (Kings of Kal'brath, #1)

Healing Wounds—4 stars

Healing Wounds: Mother Book One (Kings of Kal'brath, #2)

Wind River Wrangler—4 stars

Wind River Wrangler (Wind River Valley, #1)

Somewhere In Time—4 stars

Somewhere In Time (The Fine Art of Deception, #2)

Twilight’s Children—5 stars

Twilight's Children: Mother Book Two (Kings of Kal'brath, #3)

Mortom—4 stars


Welcome Home for Christmas—4 stars

Welcome Home for Christmas (Hero's Welcome, #4)

Pull Me Close—5 star

Pull Me Close (The Panic, #1)

The Lost Ones—4 stars

The Lost Ones

Billionaire Stepbrother—2 stars

Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance (Young Adult Romance Book Series 1)

My Addiction—4 stars

My Addiction (Club Desire, #2)

Hers to Heal—4 stars

Hers to Heal (Black Eagle Ops, #2)

Her Winged Viking—4 stars

Her Winged Viking (Her Elemental Viking #3)

Her Rock Hard Viking—4 stars

Her Rock Hard Viking (Her Elemental Viking #4)

Her Christmas Viking—4 stars

Her Christmas Viking (Her Elemental Viking #5)

To Capture What We Cannot Keep—3 stars

To Capture What We Cannot Keep


The Argent Star—2 stars

The Argent Star (The Monarchy, #1)


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