Book Review: Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance (Young Adult Romance Book Series: Book 1) by K. Robinson

Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance (Young Adult Romance Book Series 1)

Title: Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance

Author: K. Robinson

Publisher: Love & Romance

Date of publication: October 25th, 2016

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Number of pages: 33

POV: 1st person

Series: Young Adult Romance Book Series

Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance – Book 1

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Seth McGregory is not your average badass biker guy. Yeah, he may love beer and cigarettes, bars, motorcycles, and heavy rock but there’s something more than what meets the eye. He found himself madly in love with his step-sister, Caroline. This is obviously not right but he thinks there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with someone who doesn’t share your bloodline.

At first, Caroline was skeptical when she found out about his love but soon enough, she finds herself falling for him too. This creates huge dilemmas and sacrifices between them, along with the disapproval from their parents when they find out.

Seth will do about anything to make sure he can have Caroline to himself without a worry. The question is, how will he be able to convince their parents and make them approve of their twisted, sick relationship?

My review:

Seth McGregory is a billionaire that comes from a family of billionaires (if that makes sense to you). The first scene we meet in him, he is buying his stepsister, Caroline, a ruby-encrusted infinity symbol for her birthday that costs over $9,000…..which he has the cash for. Because, you know, all billionaires carry over $9,000 in their wallet to pay for things.

Seth is in a bit of a dilema….see he has strong feelings for Caroline but hasn’t acted on them because A) he isn’t sure she has the same feelings and B) his parents would freak out. But he has decided that he can’t keep his feelings to himself any longer. So he shows up at her house (because every 19-year-old has their own house) to give her his gift and he confesses his attraction to her. At first, she is pretty grossed out and throws him out. But after a couple of days of thinking about it, she calls him and asks him to come back to her house…..and confesses her attraction to him. Use your imagination as to what happened next.

After two months of basically sneaking around, they decide to come clean to their parents. If you want to find out how they reacted (as well as their siblings)… the book.

This is the first stepbrother romance that I have reviewed (I have read longer books) and I have to say that I am on the fence about it. Seth and Caroline lacked “ummph” and there was no explosive sexual attraction between them. There was no heat in the sex scenes either.

The only realistic thing in the book was their parent’s reaction….at first. Dad was the most ticked off. But then they did a turnaround and said that they knew that they were dating and to keep it under wraps because people will judge.

You think?

How many stars will I give Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance: 2

Why: The main characters had no chemistry and the plotline was barely there. If the author could fix that and fix some of the grammar/spelling issues, this story would be great.

Will I reread: On the fence

Will I recommend to family and friends: On the fence

Age Range: Older Teens

Why: Sex and implied incest (even though they aren’t blood-related)

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**


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