Somewhere in Time (The Fine Art of Deception: Book 2) by Alyssa Richards

Somewhere in Time: A Time Travel Romance Book Series (The Fine Art of Deception 2) by [Richards, Alyssa]

4 Stars


Published: November 9, 2015

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Series: The Fine Art of Deception

Undoing TimeBook 1 (review here)

Somewhere in TimeBook 2

Where to find: Amazon

Book synopsis:

One wrong touch could ruin everything…

Adeline “Addie” Montgomery has finally found her soulmate in Blake Greenwood. As the forgery trial begins for her former boss, Otto, her happily-ever-after seems to be taking shape. But when Otto puts everyone she loves back in danger, Addie must look to the past to make her future possible.

As Addie and Blake make progress finding her missing family, demons who’ve hunted her for centuries threaten to destroy the life she’s come to love. Once again, it all comes down to a choice: loyalty for her family or love for her soulmate. Her decision could transform the world…

Somewhere in Time is the second book in the Fine Art of Deception series, a set of supernatural romance mystery novels. If you like delicious plot twists, alternate histories, and well-executed time travel, then you’ll love Alyssa Richards’ can’t-miss series.

My review:

This book starts off a month or so after the first book ends. Addy and Blake spent a month in Paris, getting to know each other and just falling even more madly in love. But reality sets in when they get home. Addy and Blake are set to testify in Otto’s trail of art forgery and theft. Understandably, Addie is a bundle of nerves about testifying against him. Otto was a scary man with connections everywhere.

Leaving Addy at their penthouse, Blake heads over to the courthouse to testify against Otto. Only thing, he doesn’t exactly make it into the courtroom. He is attacked by two men, taken into an alley, given what was supposed to be a lethal dose of something (it wasn’t stated) and left in the alley to die.

Meanwhile, Addy gets an ominous phone call from Ellen, her ex-co-worker basically warning her that she better have another plan set up in case Otto’s trial doesn’t happen or he gets off scot-free. Addy is unnerved, as I would have been, and throws up her lunch. This disturbs her to the point where she feels a migraine coming on and she decides to go to her house to get her medications and some family keepsakes.

While she was there, her migraine gets oh so much worse, even with her taking her medication and she lays down with a wet washcloth and club soda (which made me go yuck) to have a quick nap. After waking from her nap, she immediately senses a man’s presence in her house and guess who that was? Otto. See, all of Otto’s witnesses have miraculously decided not to testify against him. Otto decides to lay everything on the table with Addy. He wants her to work with him on a special project of his…using her talents to tell Otto which paintings were fakes and which ones were real and he would sell the real ones and make a killing on them. He also wants to possess Addy like he possessed Carolena, Blake’s mother. He also dangles a carrot in front of her. She helps him and he helps her find her missing grandfather and father and he leaves Blake alone. If not, well, he doesn’t help her and he doesn’t leave Blake alone. Simple enough. So she decides to think about it.

Basically, the story after this point is Blake and Addy trying to outsmart and outmaneuver Otto while trying to solve the mystery of what exactly happened to her father and grandfather.

Blake and Addy were still going on strong and their sex scenes were beyond hot. More glimpses into their past life as Sassy and Jack were seen and Otto was introduced as also being connected to them as Gary, Sassy’s fiance or boyfriend (the book wasn’t exactly clear as to what he was). Which explains why Otto was so intent in going after Addy and Blake. It was history repeating itself and it was kinda freaky.

The last part of the book was probably the most interesting part for me. There was a small twist and a huge twist thrown into what I thought was going on. What I didn’t like is that it ended in a cliffhanger. I absolutely do not like cliffhangers. But this one was pretty good and it definitely makes me want to read book 3.

I would give Somewhere in Time an Adult rating. There is sex. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Somewhere in Time. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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