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Book Review: Race Against the Dark (Kings of Kal’brath: Book 1) by Jennifer Amriss

Race Against the Dark (Kings of Kal'brath, #1)

Title: Race Against the Dark

Author: Jennifer Amriss

Published: February 28th 2016

Publisher: Magelight Press

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Number of pages: 315

Series: Kings of Kal’brath

Race Against the Dark – Book 1

Healing Wounds: Mother Book One – Book 2

Twilight’s Children: Mother Book Two – Book 3

Standalone: Yes

POV: 3rd person

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Plagued by visions of poison green eyes, the name Ka’lei, and strange singing, Haylie knows she’s crazy. When she finds herself in the elf world, everything she thinks she knows gets blown away. Now, she’s a changeling come home, and her name really is Ka’lei.

Thrust into a battle of wills, Ka’lei struggles against the elfin Council to prove her adulthood and fight for the right to love whoever she chooses. Her birth mother’s attempt to kill her during the Council meeting then throws her straight into her ancestor’s ancient plot to destroy everything.

Looking exactly like her psycho ancestor, Ka’lei must get past her friends’ fears and somehow rally dubious allies for a race against the Dark. She battles not just to save two worlds. She fights to protect those she loves, and somehow hold onto the only place where she ever felt sane.

My review:

As most of you who have been following my blog knows how much I love fantasy, dark fantasy especially. So when I was invited by Jennifer to read/review the Kings of Kal’Brath trilogy, I was very excited. These seemed to be right up my alley. And oh, boy, are they!!!!

Haylie/Ka’lei (btw…LOVE that name) always knew she was different. She had visions of poisonous green eyes, memories of being called Ka’lei and of strange singing. When she tried to tell her parents and other people this, she was dubbed strange and eventually she was declared insane and put on heavy medications.

So it was no wonder that she thought she was losing it when she almost hit a horse who seemed to understand her, who wanted her to ride him (he bowed down) and takes her to an injured man in the forest. Even when he basically kidnapped her and brought her to his friends, she still thought she was going nuts. It wasn’t until she got sick and was pushed into remembering who she was….Ka’lei. An elf who was sent as a baby into the human world to protect her against an evil mother and something more sinister.

I absolutely loved that the elves could not only soul bond with their mates (bit of a spoiler but Morough and Ka’lei soul bonded) but with their mounts. And of course, Ka’lei bonds with what was probably scariest mount out there….a darksire called Culthar. See darksires are a man killing horses who eyes glow with a blue inner fire and who is magic neutral…which means that he can absorb magic. Their female counterparts are nightmares (which made me giggle a bit….lol) .

She got summoned to the Council and gets a surprise. Her mother, Lillias, was the current Queen of the Summerlands (Morough was the Prince of the Netherdark). When she was exposed, she tried to attack Ka’lei and ended up hitting the current King of the Netherdark….Iliastaire Lo’lorien. In an attempt to try to heal the King, Ka’Lei accidentally pulled his soul into her head. Whoopsie.

The love story between Morough and Ka’lei was fantastic. The sex scene was great….until it was pointed out that they had sex with the windows open so everyone could hear them. Then I got a little creeped out….as did Ka’lei. It was pointed out that royal newlyweds did that as custom to bless their people but still….ewwww. But before they had sex, they fell in love and their love story was so sweet. They had to be my favorite fictional couple :).

The subplot of Lillias and her crazy psycho ancestor that was trying to come back from the dead (she of the green eyes) was pretty good too. See Lillias, and Ka’lei,  is a direct descendant of Syr’del….an evil elf who was killed ions ago by Morough but who’s spirit is still around and she wants someone to restore her body so she can unleash hell on the Summerland and take it over.

Not going to go much into the book after that. Put it this way, there are deaths and births. Some of the deaths were tragic and one death….well that person really had it coming to them.

How many stars will I give Against the Dark? 4

Why: A wonderfully written fantasy that kept me glued to the book (I finished it in 1.5 days). The world building was great, as was the character building. I can’t wait to read the other books!!!

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Language, sex, violence.

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**



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