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Inkitt iOS app launch

So, I know that this is not a book review post (don’t worry, I will be posting one of those shortly).

This is a post for a publisher who I love reviewing for, Inkitt. They are a digital library and publishing platform for writers and publishers. I actually got hooked up with them through NetGalley, when I reviewed Incursion for them and they have provided me with a few excellent books after that (Just Juliette, I Was A Bitch, The Esper Files)

So, I am happy to say that today is the launch day for their iOS app. This app will allow you to access over 80,000 stories in every genre, personalize suggestions (hand-pick novels based on your preferences), customize your app (font size and colors) and you will be able to save your book off-line so you will be able to read them even if you don’t have WiFi connection.

Pretty sweet, huh. Just click here and it will take you right to the app’s page!!

There is also an Andriod app in the works and it should be available in a few months. I asked because it seems that I am the only one to have an Andriod based phone and an Andriod based tablet….lol.

So that’s it. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up and hopefully you take advantage of this great opportunity!!!

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