Book Review: SkyWhisperers by Natasja Hellenthal


Title: SkyWhisperers

Author: Natasja Hellenthal

Publisher: Beyond Books Press

Date of publication: January 29th, 2016

Genre: Fantasy, GLBT, Romance, Young Adult

Number of pages: 310

Series: No

POV: 1st person

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Two decades ago a great deafening silence entered the world. Since then, the winds have mysteriously vanished. And with the disappearing of the wind, the magic held by the once mighty, immortal Sky Whisperers was shattered. Their influence over the natural world lost. Now only the small powers are left to Xenthia and her people, helping to sustain life––what little remains. For the world of Lorian is dying.

All Nemsa has ever known is a world without wind.
Strangely, the winds stayed away around the day of her birth, twenty-five years ago, setting off a chain of disastrous events including a fatal sickness. And for that, the girl is both tormented and shunned.
Unaware of her involvement in this, she leads a small, miserable life in a mountain village, close to where she was found as a baby.
She wants nothing more than to find out to why there is no wind. And why the Gods have seemingly forgotten about them.

That tiny spark starts a fury of change when one day Nemsa meets alluring Xenthia––a mystifying Sky Whisperer––and it becomes clear that Nemsa’s path lies far above all she is familiar with. Beyond her village and the Lower Sky, past the red, dusty mountains even, and up to the unknown lands of the Upper Sky Dome to the realm of the Sky Whisperers. But, even with her true heritage revealed, how can crippled and one-eyed Nemsa’s destiny be linked with that of the much older, immortal Sky Whisperer she grows fonder of by the day? What is expected of her? More so––how can frail Nemsa ever hope to stand up against the supremacy of a vengeful, ambitious Sun Whisperer? Will the courage in her heart be enough?

Magic is at work, a fatal sickness is spreading among mortals and immortals alike, the sun is brutally beating down, and the fate of all hangs in the balance. And if Nemsa is to fulfill her destiny and save the world, she must find her way through it all…

Follow Nemsa and Xenthia in this Epic, Dystopian, NA Lesbian Fantasy tale of courage, interracial love, redemption, and hope.

My review:

This book starts 25 years past a catastrophic event shakes the land of Lorian. The wind is gone and when the wind disappeared, the land just stopped producing. There were barely any crops because of the relentless sun beating down. Animals started dying off and the ones that did survive only came out at night. Same with the birds. Rain was uncommon and fires were rampant. In the more recent years, a terrible sickness started cutting through the remaining human population. It was literally hell on earth.

Nemsa is a crippled outcast in her village. She is shunned not because she is a cripple and has one eye but because the villagers hold her accountable for the winds stopping. The day after they stopped, she was found laying on a path by her adoptive mother. She was treated horribly by those villagers when she was younger but she got over it and it made her into the woman we meet in this book.

Nemsa is wandering some old ruins by her town when she meets Xenthia, a Sky Whisperer. There was almost an instantaneous attraction between Nemsa and Xenthia (who Nemsa calls Blue) but neither are willing to act on it. See, if a Sky Whisperer becomes emotionally attached to a mortal, they lose their immortality and their powers and that is something that Xenthia does NOT want to do. So their attraction is held too long stares at each other and longing.

Nemsa goes with Xenthia to the Upper Sky Dome (where the Sky Whisperers live) after finding out who her parents are. Her father was a Sky Whisperer and her mother a mortal. He lost his powers because he fell in love with mother. Unfortunately, she didn’t return his love and that enraged him. So he paid her a visit and raped her….which caused her to get pregnant with Nemsa. Then, which was the kicker here, he found out when she was in labor, got very angry when she refused to be with him, lashed out with the powers he had left, killed her and badly injured Nemsa in the process (hence her blind eye and bad leg). Xenthia wanted her to go to Upper Sky to see if A) she could be a Sky Whisperer and B) to go and vanquish her father….who had imprisoned the 4 Guardians of the World and in turn, stopped the winds.

I loved the transformation that Nesma went through in this book. She went from a scared disabled girl to a woman who had to be strong enough to vanquish a madman and save the world. It was amazing and I loved it!!

I honestly didn’t care for Xenthia for the first half of the book. She was kinda leading Nesma but at the same time, she really wasn’t. It is hard to explain and you need to read the book to understand what I am talking about. The sex scenes, when it finally did happen, were tastefully written. Nothing explicit. More of just the feelings between these two women as they finally realize they are in love with each other.

On that note, I also liked that the author made homosexual relationships the norm in Upper Sky Dome. Nesma was amazed when she found that out. The reason why….the Guardians (also the Old Gods) are the only ones who can procreate and they fostered that in their children. Not saying that there were heterosexual relationships….there were (look at Nesma, she’s a product of one), it was that her parents preferred homosexual relationships.

This story is in 1st person perspective from both Xenthia and Nesma’s perspective. This is the one time that I will say that I liked it. Normally jumping from character to character in a book drives me nuts but it worked here.

The rest of the story was amazing but I am not going to go into it because I feel that by doing so, it takes away from it. Let’s just say that the Thunderbird from Native American myths makes an appearance. There is a twist almost at the end of the book that I did see coming but when it was revealed, it still took my breath away.

How many stars will I give SkyWhisperers: 4

Why: The story was great, the characters were well fleshed out and the action/mystery was fantastic. But it did lag a tiny bit in the middle (after the Thunderbird) but the author was able to bring it back with a bang!!

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age Range: Teen

Why: Sex (but nothing too descriptive), some mild violence

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**


3 thoughts on “Book Review: SkyWhisperers by Natasja Hellenthal

  1. It’s always nice to see more LGBT books coming out (sorry, no pun intended hahaha) and making an impact. It’s especially nice when they’re well written and not just being popular for their genre.
    Great review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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