Whatever You Call Me (Best Friends: Book 2) by Leigh Fleming

Whatever You Call Me

4 stars

Publisher: Envisage Press, LLC

Date of Publication: September 20th, 2016

Genre: Romance

Series: Best Friends

Precious Words – Book 1

Whatever You Call Me – Book 2

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Book synopsis: 

Annie Cooper is fed up with Washington. More importantly, she’s done with being Senator George Cooper’s daughter and all the expectations that come with it. She changes her name and tries to start fresh after quitting her job, but the only position she can find is in the political world she despises.

Kip Porter is a two-term congressman from a blue collar district along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay whose ambition leads him astray from the core values he—and his constituents—hold dear. He needs Senator Cooper’s backing to get his bill through the Senate and plans to use Annie to do it.

What starts out as a simple game of hidden identity soon becomes complicated. Annie wants to prove her worth on her own terms, but the closer she grows to Kip, the more she needs to come clean. With unexpected romance blossoming between them, will Kip keep his own secrets, or reveal the truth in the name of love?

My review:

I am going to start this review by saying that I love the cover of this book. It is so simple and no half-naked men on the front of it. Not that I don’t like it (because I do), but after a while, all the men start to look the same, and I stop appreciating the covers. So this cover is refreshing.

I am going to be honest here, Annie got on my nerves after she got the job working on Kip’s campaign. I understand that her father was awful (not abusive…he liked the ladies, he was a powerful senator and well, those don’t really mix), I really do but I kinda wanted to read through my Kindle, shake her and say “Stop judging all men by what your father did, you idiot”. She also kept catching Kip at the wrong time and either storm off, slamming doors (like a flipping teenager), or she begrudgingly would allow him to explain.

She also chose to lie to Kip and Tom about who she was and use another name. Which kinda made me think, “What did she put on her I9’s and W2 form?” (I overthink when I read books sometimes). I did end up liking her in the end, but man, it was a struggle.

Oh, but Kip was just bad. He had Tom hire her only because she was Senator Cooper’s daughter, and he needed Senator Cooper to back a pipeline bill. The only issue, Kip falls for her, and it becomes this big mess. He wants to tell her the truth and but can’t because A) she said to him that men only went after her to get in good with her father and B) Tom kept telling him not to.

Speaking of Tom, I didn’t like him from the beginning. Anyone who says “Bro” at the beginning/end of every sentence has an immediate jerk status in my eyes, and oh boy, did he live up to it. Also, him keeping stuff from Kip about his campaign made him come across as a self-serving asshat. I hope that he got what was coming for him.

Kip and Annie’s romance was delightful, even though it started on the wrong foot, and the sex scenes were hot.

The end of the book was perfect and sweet.

I would give Whatever You Call Me an Adult rating. There is sex. There is language. There is violence. I would recommend that no one under the age of 21 read this book.

I would reread Whatever You Call Me. I would recommend it to family and friends.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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