Book Review: I Was a Bitch by Emily Ruben

I Was A Bitch

Title: I Was A Bitch

Author: Emily Ruben

Publisher: Inkitt

Date of publication: October 10th, 2016

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Number of pages: 521

POV: First person

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

What if you woke up having forgotten the last two years of your life?

After a horrific accident, Lacey Jones has to try piece together her shattered past. With no memory of the previous two years, she finds herself in a relationship with a man she doesn’t know, and with a reputation for being the Queen Bitch of High-School.

She decides to keep the secret of her memory loss until she can figure out what happened in these two years she lost, trusting only the mysterious and sexy Finn to help her, but will she continue being that bitch or will she decide to rewrite her story?

My review:

This is a book that you definitely shouldn’t judge by its cover or title. When I first started reading it, I honestly thought it was going to be a Mean Girls knock-off (even with the memory loss storyline). What I got, instead, was this wonderful book where the main character has to discover not only herself but what really happened to her the night got into the accident that led to her 2-month coma.

Imagine thinking that you are 16 again and being told, nope, you are 18 and almost graduating high school. It was a shock to her. The passage where she sees her face was hilarious and a little sad

I had boobs. And my teeth were white and aligned like a model’s. My hair was a chestnut-brown with beautiful waves, framing my-dare I say-perfect face. But it wasn’t the most shocking thing. No, no. The thing was: I looked…way older. Like, eighteen-years-old girl older

When she meets Mel, Claire, and Derek, she can’t believe that these people who look like models are her best friends and boyfriend.

Then she meets Finn and omg, did the sparks fly between them. There was instant chemistry. Finn leaves her his laptop and she finds out that there is something between them. What, she isn’t sure (remember that the last 2 years of her memory is gone).

She also realizes that she wasn’t a very nice person before her accident. She figures that out by reading texts and looking at pictures of her drunk at parties. She starts to feel very ashamed about some of the things that she did before the accident.

It isn’t very long for her to realize that there is something up about the night of her accident (put it this way, Derek wasn’t being exactly smooth about his questions). She is determined to get her memory back. When she starts to have memory flashes (for lack of a better phrase), she gets closer to what happened and the events leading up to it. Finn was a godsend to her during this time. He tried to jog her memory and was so sweet to her. I actually did “awwwww” (in my head) during about 90% of his scenes with her.

Her romance with Finn was sweet but it did seem to be a little one-sided at first. She kept stringing him along while still going out with Derek and it kinda bothered me. She was stringing him along before the accident and she was kinda stringing him along after the accident. In Lacey’s defense, though, she had no memory and people were telling her that she and Derek were still together. They also had no clue about Finn (maybe because he was her side guy….lol).

Derek started off nice and then morphed into something else. The comment about Finn’s mother started me down the path of not liking him and by the end of the book I couldn’t stand him. I actually cheered (in my head) when Lacey did what she did to him. He deserved it.

The ending was perfect and the epilogue….there are no words to describe it. I cried during it, that is how emotionally vested I got in Lacey’s (and eventually Finn’s) story.

How many stars will I give I Was a Bitch? 4

Why? This book isn’t what it seems. I got so emotionally invested in Lacey and Finn (by default) story that I cried at the end (no shame here…lol). An overall wonderfully written story.

Will I reread? Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Age Range: Teen

Why: Sex (but not really descriptive), some violence and lots of swearing.

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**


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