Book Review: Tamzin Clarke v The Mummy (Tamzin Clarke: Book 2) by Lauren Stock and Robert Stock

Tamzin Clarke v the Mummy by [Stock, Lauren, Stock, Robert]

Title: Tamzin Clarke v The Mummy

Author: Lauren Stock, Robert Stock

Publisher: Dragon Girl Press

Date of publication: July 23rd, 2016

Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy

Number of pages: 159

Series: Tamzin Clarke

Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper – Book 1

Tamzin Clarke V The Mummy – Book 2

Standalone: No

POV: First person (Tamzin) and 3rd person (when she is having her visions)

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Life was finally getting back to normal after Jack the Ripper turned Tamzin’s town upside down.

New excitement surrounds the Mummy Extravaganza exhibit at the science museum. Tamzin’s dad has received some of the artifacts, and he seems to have a past with the curator of the exhibit, Miral Nefertari.

Amidst all the excitement, people have started disappearing. Tamzin has been having dreams about pharaohs and priestesses from ancient Egypt. Could this have something to do with the scarab brooch Tamzin found in her father’s antique store?

Tamzin is on the case.

My review:

I am officially in love with this series!!

I reviewed Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper (review here) back in September and was impressed that a high schooler could write such an engaging book. Well, I am going to repeat that for this book and I am going to say that the author is a very talented young lady (man, I sound so old saying that….lol). Put it this way, when B is old enough (she is going to be 11 in 3 weeks….eek), I am going to buy her these books to read.

The book starts off with Tamzin and Daniel talking. Daniel has told her how he feels about her but Tamzin really isn’t sure how to take it. She was flattered and she likes him but she has a boyfriend (Jimmy). Plus, there is the fact that he is a ghost and he is the brother of her mother’s partner.

What seems like the next day (it could be longer), Tamzin is working in her dad’s antique shop when she receives a shipment of Egyptian items that were going to be featured at the local museum. They are having a pyramid exhibit called the Mummy Extravaganza. While she is unpacking (and checking) the items, she comes across an ankh that almost calls to her. A little weirded out (as I would be), she grabs a scarab beetle that had been shipped to her dad a few weeks ago. She puts it on (it’s like a brooch), it starts crawling on her, BITES her and she passes out. While she is passed out, she has a vision of a pharaoh and a high priestess. These, from the view of the servant girl and the pharaoh, continue throughout the book.

Not everything is OK in Tamzin’s world. Her mom is still in the hospital, recovering from her attack from Jack the Ripper. Her dad is enraptured with a new friend, the museum curator named Miral Nefertari, and is constantly at the museum helping her with the exhibit. Jimmy, her boyfriend, is growing distant with her. The only good thing is Daniel the ghost. Tamzin is helping him try to figure out why he was murdered over 30 years ago. Also, she is kinda forced into campaigning for Mayor Turner…who has decided to run for governor. So, yeah, she has a lot on her plate.

From there on, the book gets really good but I am not going to go into the book (so typical of me). Let’s just say that people are reunited, people break up, a toy monkey is trying to protect Tamzin (and he is seriously the cutest thing ever) and The Mummy makes his appearance. So you want to know more about what’s going on? Read the book!!!

The ending was definitely not something that I expected and I loved how the author introduced the next book (which I can’t wait to read).

How many stars will I give Tamzin Clarke V The Mummy: 5

Why: A great and inventive take on The Mummy. I would definitely let my early teen on up reading this book.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Age range: Teen

Why: No sex (some very innocent kisses), very mild violence

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**