Book Review: The Best Friend by Shalini Boland

The Best Friend: An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist by [Boland, Shalini]

Title: The Best Friend

Author: Shalini Boland

Publisher: Adrenalin Books

Date of publication: October 20th, 2016

Number of pages: 312

Part of a series: No

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . Wrong.

Louisa’s new best friend has it all – the house, the status, the money – but she’s also hiding a dark secret. And, as Louisa is drawn deeper into her friend’s life, events take a chilling turn…

My review:

Shalini Boland is fast becoming my favorite thriller/suspense/mystery author. She is able to creep me out to the point where I jump if interrupted during reading her books!!. I had done a review for The Girl From the Sea (review here) back in September that was creepy and thought it couldn’t be beaten. The Best Friend proved me wrong.

I like Louisa from the beginning, even though I was convinced that she was overreacting to whatever Darcy did. They were great friends at first and then, well things started to head south with their friendship. It was after Joe’s birthday party and her being let go from her newspaper job, that Louisa seemed to go off the deep end. It wasn’t until something awful happened and that I started seeing Darcy in a different light.

I was convinced that Darcy was really innocent in all of this until about a few chapters from the end. The things that Louisa was harping on (Joe’s name not being on the invites/place where the birthday party was/no presents for Joe stands out the most in my mind) could have been written off as simply as Darcy having Mom brain. But then little things started going on that started casting doubt on Darcy.

While the Louisa/Darcy drama is playing out, there is a substory going on. It’s about a girl named Nicole and her brother Callum. Nicole and Callum are terribly abused by their alcoholic mother and were taken from her after Callum (and Nicole) got caught stealing from a local grocery store. The first time they were mentioned, though, was when Nicole was 6 and Callum was 3. Then they are mentioned every 3-6 years, ending when Nicole is 22. How they are tied into the Louisa/Darcy drama is explained at the end of the book.

The ending of the book was not what I expected. It was good but 100% not what I expected and the epilogue was even better!!!

How many stars will I give The Best Friend: 4

Why: A very well written psychological thriller that kept me guessing and on my toes for the entire book

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age Range: Adult

Why: Violence and language. No sex.

***I chose to leave this review after reading an advance copy**