September 2016 Review

I can’t believe that it is the end of September!! Here in Western North Carolina, the weather is finally cooling down. B and Z have been in school for a month and their 3 week progress reports were excellent. B, so far, has 3 B’s and an A and Z has straight A’s. We also celebrated BK’s 43rd and R’s 3rd birthday this month. R’s was actually yesterday. I am looking forward to the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing colors (because they haven’t yet), Halloween and reading some good books in October.

I am going to do something different with this month’s review. I am going to separate it into books I have read but review is pending and books I have reviewed with how many stars I gave them.

So enjoy my list!!

Books I read this month but review is pending:

No Witness But The Moon – Review coming October 25th 2016

No Witness But the Moon


Books I reviewed this month:

The Last Pilgrim – 4 stars

The Last Pilgrim

Anywhere You Are – 3 stars

Anywhere You Are (Return to Briarwood, #3)

Diner Delight – 4 stars

Diner Delight (Sexy Secrets #1)

Dusk to Dust – 4 stars

Dusk to Dust: Something to live for. Something to die for...

Into Aether – 4 stars

Into Aether (The Trinity Key, #1)

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts – 4 stars

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts

Lured In – 4 stars

Lured In (Fishing for Trouble, #2)

Black Ops Zulu – 4 stars

Black Ops Zulu: Pivotal Velocity (Tom Stiles Thrillers Book 1)

The Descendant – 3 stars

The Descendant (Guardians of the Worlds, #1)

My Fair Assassin – 4 stars

My Fair Assassin

The Silver Thread – 5 stars

The Silver Thread (Annika Brisby, #2)

Her Fiery Viking – 4 stars

Her Fiery Viking (Her Elemental Viking #1)

Rebellious – 4 stars

Rebellious (True Brothers MC, #2)

Exploits – 4 stars

EXPLOITS: A Glamorous, Dangerous Romance (Sex & Secrets Book 1)

Bender – 5 stars


Mosh Pit – 5 stars

Mosh Pit (The Rose Garden Arena Incident, #1)

Through Raging Waters – 4 stars

Through Raging Waters

Dead Souls – 5 stars

Dead Souls: A Novel

At Risk – 5 stars

At Risk

Tamzin Clarke v Jack the Ripper – 5 stars

Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper

Land of Careful Shadows – 5 stars

Land of Careful Shadows (Jimmy Vega Mystery, #1)

The Girl From The Sea – 4 stars

The Girl from the Sea

Clementine and Claudia – 3 stars

Clementine and Claudia

Serene – 4 stars

Serene: A Dr. Rachel E. Color-Me-A-Mystery

The Woman in the Mirror – 3 stars

The Woman In the Mirror (An Alexandra Mallory Novel)

Agrathias – 4 stars


Errant Spark – 4 stars

Errant Spark (Elemental Trials Book 1)

Tanza – 4 stars

Tanza (The Astor Chronicles Book 2)








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