Diner Delight by April Fire

Diner Delight (Sexy Secrets Book 1) by [Fire, April]


Date of publication: August 10th 2016

Where can you find this book: Amazon

Genre: Erotica

Book synopsis:

Diner Delight is a short story about a married woman and her sexual adventures that will keep you at the edge of your seat and leave you begging for more.
WARNING: Diner Delight is a short story that is very different from other books by April Fire. First, it’s much more explicit and raunchier than our other work. It also features cheating – which we know many of you don’t like in your romance novels. It’s still very close to our heart, and there’s a good reason for that – It’s the very first work of fiction we’ve ever written together. We hope you to enjoy reading it. – P.S. In case you were wondering, April has never cheated on Aidan 🙂

What if you had a husband who hadn’t been as loving as you’d like?

What if he’d been too busy to satisfy the hunger burning inside of you?

What if a handsome stranger walked into your workplace and offered to fulfill your most secret desires?

What if you had a Sexy Secret that you didn’t want revealed to anybody?

My review:

When the author asked me to review her book, I went back and forth on it. While I do like to read erotica, I am hesitant to review them. I decided to take a chance and review Diner Delight and I loved it!!!

The wife gets turned on by the gym rats who come into the diner on a nightly basis. So she goes into the bathroom to get off. She reminisces about her past exploits with men and women while she masturbates. I should add that her husband owns the diner and she is a waitress.

One night, a gym rat who smells like soap (which means he showered people!!) finds her getting off in the bathroom and shenanigans ensue. Not going to go into it too much but it was very hot. Of course, I am left wondering, why does every guy in erotica need to have a supermax dick?? It is my question of the day, I guess.

The ending was super sweet and it was a cliffhanger. Grrrrrr.

How many stars will I give Diner Delights? 4

Why? The sex (one on one and with a partner) was out of this world. The author does a good job getting you involved in the wife’s exploits.

Will I reread? yes

Will I recommend to family and friends? If they like erotica, then yes.

Age Range? Definitely adult

Why? Masturbation in a bathroom and hot sex in the bathroom.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**

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