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Book Review: The Harmony Scroll (Stella Hunter Series: Book 2) by Edita A. Petrick

Before I start my review, I want to thank Edita A. Petrick for allowing me to review The Harmony Scroll.

**All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.  I received The Harmony Scroll from Edita A. Petrick for free for my honest and unbiased review**

Now, onto my review:

The Harmony Scroll

Format read in: Kindle

Author: Edita A. Petrick

Publisher: Edita A. Petrick

Date of publication: August 10th 2015

Where the book can be found:

Amazon (Kindle and Paperback)

Part of a series: Yes

What series: The Stella Hunter Series, Book 2

Book 1 – Ribbons of Death

Book 2 – The Harmony Scroll 

Book 3 – The Byzantine Connection

Number of pages: 337

Book synopsis (via Goodreads):

Stella hunter’s young son carries a dormant ancient curse within him. Though she’s destroyed the amulets that activate the curse, Gabriel’s life is shadowed by the dark magic. When she learns the contents of a golden scroll can break the curse forever, Stella goes after it with a vengeance…and heaven help anyone who gets in her way!

My review:

This book starts off about a year or so after Ribbons of Death ended. Carter undergoes plastic surgery to fix his face and Stella has written another best-selling book. While Carter is in rehab, he starts noticing that there is something off with a psychologist that he is mandated to see. Then he hears that Gabriel and Stella were killed when their house explodes….due to faulty wiring. Not buying that, Carter is able to go to the scene and inspect the remains, interview the witnesses and see the house.

What he finds out is that there is more to these “deaths” than meet the eye. Stella and Gabe aren’t dead but being held hostage by sinister forces. After Carter frees them, they start off on a multi country jaunt to find the Harmony Scroll….a scroll that can get rid of Gabe’s Peacekeeper curse.

I did like this book. I loved that we got to see a softer side of Carter and that we finally got to see some of the romance that was hinted at in Ribbon’s of Death. He is still clearly mourning his daughter’s death and little things were setting off his memories of her (like the scene at the cemetery).

Stella and Gabe’s dynamic was great too. It evolved into a true mother/son dynamic. He even went from calling her Zee to Mom during the book.

I did like that instead of going all over the US, this time we were taken on a jaunt all over Europe. Just more of Stella  trying to get the bottom of the Harmony Scroll mystery. The violence seemed muted, almost. I mean, people still got exploded and killed but we heard about it through police telling Stella and Carter. But like they said, Gabe was their ultimate target and they didn’t want to harm him.

The ending was very anticlimactic. Very. Not going to give it away but I really thought that I had missed something and had to reread the last chapters a few times before the “aha” moment.

How many stars will I give The Harmony Scroll? 4

Why? Very well written 2nd book that keeps you on the edge of the seat. The ending didn’t really do it for me and was very anticlimactic and is the only reason I am giving this a 4 rating.

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Will I reread? Yes

Age Range? Teen on up

Why? Violence and some language.


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