Granted by Michelle Merrill

Granted by [Merrill, Michelle]

Publisher: Future House Publishing

Date Published: June 30th, 2016

Where the book can be found: Amazon

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Book synopsis:

The existence of genies may be the best-kept secret in the history of the world.

After being trapped in the Sahara Desert for her whole life, sixteen-year-old genie Brielle finally gets her first assignment in Tri-Cities, Washington. She eagerly heads out into the human world to grant her first wish so that she can gain her magic. Unfortunately, her assigned human, Addie, stopped believing in wishes years ago and would much rather that everyone just leave her alone.

Complicating everything is Rock, Brielle’s childhood friend turned enemy. Brielle doesn’t need him ruining her first trip out into the human world. Too bad she can’t keep her mind—or her eyes—off him and his annoyingly cute dimples.

To make matters worse, genies in the Tri-Cities area are suspiciously dying. One broken lamp could be an accident, but after three deaths occur, Brielle suspects someone has uncovered the genies’ secret and is slowly killing them off one by one. 

With the Genie Council ignoring the threat, Brielle desperately needs to gain her magic so she can stop the murderer before she—or Rock—is the next genie to die.

My review:

I could not stand Brielle’s character in the beginning. But if I was expecting my lamp to be rubbed and then was told, sorry it’s in storage and you have to wait, I’d have acted the same way. Over the course of the book, her character did grow on me, though. I loved her interactions with Addie and with Rock. She showed through her friendship with Addie, how much she grew in maturity while she was there.

While we are on the subject of Rock, he made me want to scream. I didn’t have him figured out during the book. What was his deal? Was he a good djinn or did he got caught up in something that he had no control over? Also, the twist with him in the book was great!!! I didn’t expect what happened to happen.

Now onto Addie. I felt so bad for her. There were parts of the book that made me want to reach through and hug her. And for the record, I am glad that she and Brielle met. They were good for each other.

The whole storyline of Addie’s parents disappearing made me want to puke. Not going to get into it but I really disliked them. If you want to know more, read the book.

The mystery that Brielle and Rock get involved with did catch my attention. I thought it was very imaginative to have the genies die when their lamps break. It only makes sense because their life-force is connected to the lamps. The way the book ended also made a great intro for a 2nd book!!!

3 Things I liked about Granted:

  1. The storyline
  2. Rock
  3. Addie

3 Things I disliked about Granted:

  1. Brielle at the beginning of the book
  2. Vicky (she rubbed me the wrong way)
  3. The triplets

How many stars will I give Granted? 4

Why? Granted was a well written YA book. The plot and the subplots were fantastic and kept my attention the whole book. While Brielle came across as a spoiled, impatient brat, she showed her true colors when she met Addie. The murder mystery secondary story didn’t take away from the main storyline and when they were brought together at the end, it was fantastic.

Will I reread it? Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Tween on up

Why? This is a perfect book for tweens. It’s clean (no sex), minimal violence and very relatable characters.

**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**


  1. TG says:

    Added on my tbr. I am currently reading a novel about genie too.

    1. easonjolie5 says:

      I love books about genies (or djinns…depends on the writer). They fascinate me. Always have since Aladdin.

      1. TG says:

        Same here.

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