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Book Review: Mourning: The Day After Loss by Dr. Tamar Ashkenazi

Before I get started on my review, I want to thank EbookPro for allowing me to review Mourning: The Day After Loss. Now, onto my review

Format read in: Kindle

Date of publication: Kindle: Will be published July 5th 2016. Paperback: already published

Sites where book can be found: Kindle (on preorder until July 5th 2016). Paperback: available now

Publisher: EbookPro

Genre: Self Help

How many pages: 314

Book synopsis:

How to deal with the death of a loved one?

The notification of the death of a loved one is a devastating event. Once a loved one is gone, family and friends are left to cope with his memory and absence. But how?

Mourning: The Day After Loss offers practical advice and insight into the process of coping with grief and bereavement based on extensive experience and research. It leads the reader on a journey through the various stages of bereavement – from the death notification to the formal days of mourning, the burial, and the weeks and months following.

The book is based on the author’s experience as a hospital nurse and donors coordinator for the Israel National Transplant Center. It is a product of her doctoral research on adjustment to loss. The book focuses on Israeli protocols and traditions of grief but offers universal insight.

Practical insight on coping with grief and bereavement

The death of a loved one surfaces pressing dilemmas: How should the deceased be commemorated in daily life and special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, and memorials? How should his absence be regarded in school or at work? How does a marriage continue after death? How should the deceased’s clothes and belongings be handled? How should one remember, and how does one find the power to live on?

Mourning: The Day After Loss delivers personal expressions of grief from parents and grandparents, siblings, spouses, and friends who have suffered loss or supported others in their grief. The author uses her experience as a group facilitator to bring the voices of participants in support groups for the bereaved, as well as the insights and testimonies of others who have dealt with life after loss. This book offers a comprehensive overview of bereavement and the approaches and methods of dealing with loss. (Amazon).

My review:

3 Things I liked about Mourning: The Day After Loss:

  1. The great advice given in the book. Now I am not a huge fan of self help books. Not at all. I have found that they are usually filled with more stories than advice. This book is just the opposite. It give good solid advice on how to deal with grief.
  2. How the book discussed not only grieving adults but grieving children. Now, I haven’t read many books on mourning and loss, to be honest…this is the first book, but I loved that whole parts of the chapters were dedicated to kids.
  3. Organ donation and different religions. Organ donation was discussed at length in this book. It didn’t argue for or against, just gave testimonials from people who did and didn’t do it.  Also, the book went into depth on how different religions deal with burial and memorial services. Which I thought was pretty awesome.

3 Things I didn’t like about Mourning: The Day After Loss:

  1. The testimonials. Don’t get me wrong, I thought they were great but (and isn’t there always a but) I wish instead of saying “Man who lost daughter 1 year old 2 years ago” it could’ve been phrased better. If that makes sense.
  2. There was some repetitive phrasing. Not that it took away from the book, it just got a bit boring to read the same phrases over and over again.
  3.  The way the book ended. I was really surprised that is just ended suddenly. No closing passage. Just ended.

How many stars will I give Mourning: The Day After Loss: 4 1/2

Why? This is a very well written book about dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Will I reread it? If I ever suffer a loss, yes I would

Would I reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Age Range: All ages

Disclaimer: All opinions stated in this review and mine and mine alone.



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