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Book Review: The Crystal Circle by L. Rosenman

It’s book review time!! Before I get started on my review, I want to thank EBookPro for allowing me to review The Crystal Circle. Now, onto my review.

Format read in: Kindle, as an ARC

Date of publication: May 1st 2016 for paperback/hardcover, June 26th 2016 for Kindle

Sites where the book can be found: Amazon. Kindle is pre-order only. Is available in paperback for immediate purchase.

Publisher: EBookPro

Genre: Paranormal

How many pages: 268

Book synopsis:

A beautiful woman from a small town finds herself in an unfamiliar Tel Aviv apartment, confused as to her own identity. Driven buy an irresistible urge to detach herself from everything she knows and calls “life”, she heads south to Eilat. There, in a trailer park, home for those living on the margins of society, she is entangled in a bloody romantic circle, rooted in the biblical King David’s court. Will she surrender to the dark passions residing in her? Must she break the lows written thousands of years ago in order to save those dearest to her of all? Is there a way to change her fate, and to avoid the unavoidable murder? The Crystal Circle is a gripping romantic drama that weaves history, suspense and spirituality together with biblical history. The result is an original novel that challenges our conception of destiny, past and future, and re-frames the potential of the human spirit.

My Review:

3 things I liked about The Crystal Circle:

  1. The characters: I really liked Lynn/Michal, David, Saul/Raul’s characters. They were very well written and had depth to them.
  2. The storyline: I really liked the main storyline and the sub story lines. I thought that the author did a great job of bringing them all together in the end.
  3. The ending: I did like the ending for the most part. There was a twist in the story that I saw coming from a mile away but didn’t really take away from the story.

3 things that I didn’t like about The Crystal Circle:

  1. The Crystal Circle subplot: I really didn’t like when Lynn/Michal kept going to where the Crystal Circle was. No build up, just bam, she was there and she knew everything. Now, in the author’s defense, she did try to have Lynn/Michal remember clues and she did post The Crystal Circle rules at the beginning of each chapter but still
  2. The incest subplot: All I have to say is ick. Enough said
  3. The ending:  The author did do a good job of connecting all plots/sub plots but it seemed too neat to me.

How many stars will I give The Crystal Circle? 4 1/2

Why? It was a very well written book with a great storyline. I felt that some of the storylines could have been better explained (David’s for instance).

Will I reread it? Yes

Will I recommend it to family and friends? Yes

Age Range: Adult on up

Why? While it is a very clean book, there is some graphic violence and one really disturbing incest scene.

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