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Book Review: Blood Tide (Aquarius Rising: Book 2) by Brian Burt

Blood Tide by [Burt, Brian]

Book synopsis:

Sequel to Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God, winner of the 2014 EPIC eBook Award for Science Fiction:

 Megalops is an Aquarian, a human-dolphin hybrid who lives in one of the many reef-cities that thrive beneath the waves on an Earth ravaged by climate change. Some of the Humans who cling to the barren lands blame Aquarius for their plight and unleashed the Medusa Plague that entombed Megalops’s wife and daughter in stone. Tormented by that loss, Megalops dedicates everything to avenging his murdered family, no matter what the cost. He unleashes a Vendetta Virus as cruel and lethal as the Medusa Plague, a bio-weapon that transforms living Humans into Aquarian corpses.  Ocypode — one of the heroes who stopped the Medusa Plague — and his band of Human and Aquarian allies battle desperate odds to prevent Megalops from committing an act of genocide that will escalate into global conflict, dragging the Earth’s other humanoid species into the chaos. War demands sacrifice. If Mother Earth and Mother Ocean wage war against each other, will anyone survive?
My review:
This is book is definitely not a standalone book. In order to understand what is going on (the society’s, hierarchies, what the heck happened…etc) you need to read the first book. While the author does explain in the 2nd book, it is not as detailed as the first one. I will include the link to the 1st book at the end of my review.
Now saying that, I loved this book. From the very beginning, we witness Megalops do the unthinkable and the way it was written was so utterly believable (of a dystopian/sci-fi book). I mean, could you live with being the only member of your family alive along with being a survivor of a genocide without having some mental issues? I mean, he had to look up at his wife and daughter frozen on the Juno water tower. That’s enough to drive anyone insane.
But it doesn’t excuse what happens next and to be honest, that scene was really gross….lol. I get that it was a reverse birth and him doing that was crucial to the plot but still…gag.
I loved that more time was given to Ocypode and Sapiens. I really liked their characters and I liked that Ocypode, again, was instrumental in helping the Aquarian species (along with the other humanoid species).
There were a couple of twists in the book. One huge and the other not so huge. I called the not so huge one about halfway through the book. The huge one, though, did take me aback some and it did set up the 3rd book perfectly.
How many stars will I give Blood Tide? 3
Why? While it was a great 2nd book, I felt that more should have been explained about the Redeemers (mainly the ones that were pacifist and not wanting to kill everything), the other colonies AND the other humanoid lifeforms that were met by Ocypode. The ending also seemed a little forced, like the author had to make a deadline.
Will I recommend it to family and friends? Yes but with a warning to read the 1st book before reading this one
Will I reread it? Yes
Age range? Adult on up. There are scenes of extreme violence and one suicide.
Where can I find this book?
Amazon (please remember that the prices can and will change):
Other books in series:
Disclaimer: I received Blood Tide by Brian Burt from Worldwind Virtual Book Tours for free for my honest review. All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.
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