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Book Review: Sister, Spy by Menchem Misgav

Book synopsis:

The suspenseful drama of two Jewish agents sent to spy for the Soviets in Israel

During the Second World War, the Soviet Intelligence recruits Jewish Czech children – hidden by their parents in monasteries in fear of the Nazis – and trains them as Russian spies. When Zionist orientations help survivors immigrate to the Jewish state, a young sister and her brother become Jewish spies in Israel. She is a beautiful woman, with the ability to extract government secrets from powerful men. He is a sausage maker – an intestine handler.

When the intestine handler is found hanged from the ceiling of a sausage factory, the Israeli General Security Service is called into action. The beautiful woman spy is called to play double agent in an international web of secrets and lies, with her life and the life of her father at stake.

A plot entrenched with passion and blood that grabs you by the collar and doesn’t let go until the very last line.

My review:

This book was an OK read. When I say OK, I mean that the plot was good but the character’s weren’t. The plot was wonderful. I mean, you have the Soviet Intelligence recruiting children to spy on Israel to help Russia help them. Great premise.

But then the author went off on tangents and you never knew when he would go off on them. You could be reading about Anna and Shmoli as adults in one paragraph and then Ana’s exploits as a spy in another and then a flashback to Poppy and Sarah in another.

Very confusing to read.

The ending was a little weird too. Actually a lot weird and everything got neatly tied up with a bow and resolved.

How many stars will I give Sister, Spy? 3

Why? Because as stated above, the plot had a lot of promise. If the author could go over and maybe straighten out how the story was being told, it would be a great book.

Will I reread it? Maybe

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? Maybe

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Disclaimer: I received Sister, Spy by Menachem Misgav from Ebookpro as an ARC. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone

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