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Book Review: Pregnancy: Holistic Women’s Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy by Cure For The People

Book synopsis:

Pregnancy is beautiful and natural!

In this guidebook, we spend some time talking about the holistic approach and how it can do wonders for your journey into motherhood. The holistic approach is a way of thinking that allows women to go through their pregnancy in a natural and healthy way by making decisions which are aligned with mother earth, such as diet, medicine, supplementation, exercise, and much more!

Whats inside?

Interested in finding out more about the holistic approach to pregnancy and how it can do so much good for you and your baby? Some of the things that we will discuss in detail in this book include:

  • Understanding holistic medicine
  • How to prepare for becoming a mother
  • How holistic medicine and your pregnancy go hand in hand
  • Breaking down what happens in the three pregnancy trimesters
  • Healthy habits you should adopt before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Eating healthy during your pregnancy
  • Safe and effective herbal remedies for pregnancy
  • Things you should avoid during pregnancy
  • Using holistic medicine for childbirth rather than drugs
  • Easy ways to get rid of your pregnancy discomfort
  • Much, more more!

While most people don’t understand this way of thinking, it is optimal for you, your baby, the environment, and the sake of humanity! While other people are over-medicating and having issues during pregnancy, you will have knowledge of natural and effective ways to help out your pregnancy and keep things moving along like they should.

When you are ready to give your baby the very best in care before, during, and after your pregnancy, make sure to pick up this book and learn about the holistic approach to childbirth!

My review:

Now, before I start this review, I am going to stress (to the people I personally know that follow this blog): I am not pregnant for even thinking about getting pregnant. My 3 are enough. And, I also had the Essure procedure done last year. I don’t recommend that either and 110% regret getting it done but that’s a whole different blog post. Now onto the review.

When I went into reading this book, I thought that it was going to be full of just horribad suggestions. Like the blurb says “Most people don’t understand this way of thinking” and I was one of those people who didn’t understand. But after reading this book, I am a little bit more enlightened.

The advice given is great and I love that it is NOT anti-doctor…which is a current theme these days. All advice in the book is told to ask your doctor first.

I really enjoyed reading about what oil/herbs you can take. If this book had been printed when I was pregnant with my youngest, I would have totally taken up on a lot of what was printed!!!

How many stars do I give Pregnancy:Holistic Women’s Guide Book To A Healthy Pregnancy? 4

Why? There was so much that I wished that they had expanded on. Mainly herbs/oils…which is a new fascination of mine.

Would I read it again? Yes

Would I recommend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Teen on up

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Disclaimer: I received Pregnancy: Holistic Women’s Guide Book To A Healthy Pregnancy for free from Cure For The People. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.

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