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Book Review: Israeli Business Culture: Building Effective Business Relationships with Israelis by Osnat Lautman

Book synopsis:

A practical guide to understanding and mastering Israeli business culture.

Successful product such as Waze, ICQ, Iron Dome, Disk-on-Key, Smart Dripper, cherry tomatoes and many others were developed by Israelis and have gained tremendous success and dominance in the international market. What is unique about Israeli business culture? What is the best way to work with Israelis and establish successful business with them? Israeli Business Culture is the first and only book to explain this, using a smart and practical model that maps the primary characteristics of Israeli business culture.

Find out how to make profitable and pleasant business relationships with Israelis!

Learn how to:

  • Recognize specific Israeli characteristics relevant for business doing.
  • Optimize your behavior when coming into contact with Israelis.
  • Navigate through common Israeli norms, values and beliefs.
  • Build successful intercultural business communication.
  • Maximize the potential and profit of your business relationships with Israelis.

And much more!

An enjoyable and effective read that takes you and your business to the next level!

Israeli Business Culture is an effective guide, based on extensive academic research and practical experience. It introduces an elegant and innovative framework that perfectly captures Israeli mentality:

  • Informal
  • Straightforward
  • Risk-taking
  • Ambitious
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Loud
  • Improvisational

Each characteristic is explained and elaborated, using with a real-life stories and always followed by practical recommendations for proper conduct.

Produce and maintain effective communication and business interaction with Israeli business counterparts.

Israeli Business Culture is written in a fluent and enjoyable style, and includes real-life examples and essential insights you can’t afford to neglect when making business with Israelis. Learn the nuances you must to understand in order to do successful business with Israeli partners!

My review:

If you ever are going to do business with Israeli businessmen, this is the book to read. The author gave some very good points about dealing with a people who are blunt and used to thinking outside the box.

I went into reading this book expecting to be bored to death but I ended up learning a lot. For instance, did you know that cherry tomatoes were developed in Israel by a development group lead by Professor Nachum Keidar and Professor Chaim Rabinovitch of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture. Which I didn’t know going into reading this book. Also, the thumb drive/USB stick was invented by M-Systems, an Israeli company founded by Dov Moran. Again, something I didn’t know.

I also found out that Israeli’s version of “business casual” is different from the rest of the world’s. Being from a part of the world that is hot, I am not very surprised that they are allowed to dress cooly and not expected to dress in dress shirts/dress pants (for men), blouses and skirts/dress top and dress pants (for women).

How many stars will I give this book? 3

Why? While it was a well written book and very enjoyable to read, the author (who lived in the US for a while) portrayed the US people that she encountered as people who did not think outside the box….at all. Example: Her phone conversation with an airplane terminal employee. Let’s just put it this way….she was going vacation, was upset because no flights were taking off due to a blizzard warning and was upset because the employee didn’t tell her to drive 5 hours to catch a flight that was taking off in a different city after asking her if the flights were taking off from a different airport. Technically (and I have friends who work in airport terminals), they can’t tell people to do that or they will get in trouble. Plus….a blizzard warning is exactly what it is, a warning. Ever drive in one of those? I wouldn’t suggest it.

And then there is the parable about the Israeli who decided to walk through the drivethru of a fast food restaurant. Again, the workers (again, in the US) were portrayed as not thinking outside the box and possible lazy (which is true for a majority of fast food workers but still). But, there is a reason why it is a drive thru. And for the character in her pretend story to “pretend to drive a car and honk at the teller” wasn’t innovative or thinking outside the box….it was stupid. If it was real life and not a story spun to show how Israeli’s think outside the box, he could have gotten hit by a car or had the police called. But the author chose to include that as an example of how Israeli people think outside the box. I am sure she could have thought of something better.

Will I read Israeli Business Culture again? If I ever have any business dealings with Israelis, I will.

Will I recommend this book to family and friends? If they ever have any business dealings with Israelis, I will.

Age range? All ages

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Disclaimer: I received Israeli Business Culture: Building Effective Business Relationships with Israelis by Osnat Lautman from EBookPro for free for my honest review. All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.

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