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Book Review: Hohenstein by Didi Larsen

Book synopsis:

Anything but a typical aristocrat, young Baroness Marie-Louise is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work, especially when it comes to saving her ancestral estate. Determined to shake loose the shackles of propriety and gain the warm family life her upbringing denied her, she has vowed to marry a man of lower rank. Blue-bloods need not apply.

But when she is forced to turn to a childhood friend for assistance, the handsome, debonair count may prove a temptation impossible to resist. Marie-Louise soon finds herself caught between the comfort of a middle-class doctor and the passion of a nobleman, with the future of her childhood home at stake.

My review:

I really liked this book!!!

The storyline was fantastic. I did have an issue placing what time period it was from but it made it for a better story because I had to guess. I mean, I do believe this story was before WW2 or maybe even after it??? I only say that because Count Ulfric was driving a Mercedes but the villagers were using horse and cart. So maybe mid to late 1920’s?

The love story was great too…even though I did want to smack Marie-Louise at times. Even, I, as a reader knew that Ulfric loved her. The whole side story of the doctor really wasn’t needed and I did feel bad for him when he realized that she loved Ulfric and not him. Like really bad.

Also, the story took place in a castle!!!! It might have been dilapidated but still, it was a castle. The whole subplot of that was great too. I just want to say that I always thought the mayor (Herr BurgerMeister) was sleazy but sleazy was an understatement!!!

There were a few grammar mistakes (mainly spacing issues. Example Tante Ambrosia was written as TanteAmbrosia) but other than that, it was a fairly easy read.

How many stars will I give Hohenstein? 5

Why? Because it was a very well written period piece. The restrictions on women during that time period was unbelievable and I liked that the author chose to have Marie-Louise buck the system, so to speak.

Will I reread Hohenstein? Yes

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range: All ages. It is a fairly clean book. No swearing and no sex. Just a few steamy and a few not so steamy kisses.

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Disclaimer: I received Hohenstein by Didi Lawson for free from Netherfield Publishing for free for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.

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