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Book Review: Self Defense by Uriel Lynn

Book Synopsis:

Five teenagers in a terror stricken country take courageous measures to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Youth is supposed to be fun and carefree. But for five Tel-Aviv teenagers, reality turned out to be quite different. As a wave of violence washes over Israel, their lives are drown into a turmoil of threat and anxiety that shatters every aspect of their personal security.

After witnessing a terrible act of violence that deeply shakes their world, the five teenagers are forced to come out of their upper-class comfort zone and give reality a straight look in the eye. For the first time, they decide to take responsibility for their personal security and safety. They undergo a profound personal change, and at the moment of truth, manage to make a real impact on reality itself. With a strong devotion to the values of self-defense, these five teenagers prevent one of the severest terrorist attacks ever planned against Israel.

˃˃˃ Five Teenagers prove that with bravery, initiative and belief, even a group of boys can save the world.

Self Defense brings the extraordinary experiences of brave teenagers in a land consumed by violence and strife.

My review:

This was a very well written, descriptive book and I enjoyed reading it very much. I learned much about the local hangouts, where teenagers like to hang out and what roadways to avoid because people disregard crosswalks. But I also took away from the book is that there is a very real threat of terrorism looming over the heads of Israeli youths. This book follows 5 boys (Yoav, Ron, Sam, Eyal and Dan) and their growing awareness of the violence in the world that they live in and how they decide to combat it in their own way.

This book started ending first. Which means you read the ending and then travel back in time to the months/weeks leading up to the incident. Not normally how I like to read a book but it worked.

I will have to say that while the beginning and the middle of the book were suspenseful and fast paced, the ending felt very rushed and everything was brought together in a way that it seemed to me that the author had run out of steam while writing it.

How many stars will I give this book: 4.

Will I read this book again? Maybe

Will I recommend this book to family and friends? Maybe

Age range: Tween on up. It is very clean and there is next to no violence in it.

Amazon links. Please remember that prices can and will change.

Kindle (Right now it is on preorder. If you want to preorder the book and wait for it to be release….feel free. Its $.99)


Disclaimer: I received Self Defense by Uriel Lynn for free from eBookPro for my honest review. All opinions in this review are mine and mine alone.

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